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Questions in my mind

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posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 02:17 AM
What does all this mean
The death of Epstein
All the fiends
Poppy fields middle east
Opioid crisis engineered
Main stream news Media
Pumping out all the fear
To keep us scared under control
Hollywood destroys our soul
What is the ultimate end goal?

Pharmacueticals in our water supply
Flouride calcifying the pineal gland third eye
Have you ever taken a moment to wonder why?
What is it that they are trying to hide?
In the middle east theres more than oil and pride
I hope we get to see some real change in our life times
Or perhaps it will be business as usual till the planet dies

Will Fukushima ever stop pumping radioactive waste into our ocean?
I could not dream of something so huge happening yet causing no commotion.
Could it be that we are dying collectively as humans consciously?
Will artifical intelligence and quantum computers fix anything?
Will they even be allowed to come onto the scene? Big oil ruins everything.
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posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 04:12 AM
a reply to: AquaAscending

It means humanity still has absolutely no idea what the hell it's doing on this planet or to each other.

We are definitely dying collectively as humans consciously and have been since day dot.

Nothing can fix us, we are the definition of self destructive which is why we've been abandoned on this rock.

We are living lessons to all other life forms out there on how not to behave.

posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 02:34 PM
Seeking meaning in this world is a personal thing. It does not exist from any objective perspective. Only you may decide for yourself.

"What does all this mean"

You tell me. I don't know.

And Epstein isn't dead, so...

I am just as confused by this world as you are. Good poem. You are not alone.

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