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My generation is so misrepresented...

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posted on Mar, 7 2005 @ 07:06 PM
Ughh..... I've been doing some chating with a bunch of people my age. I can't believe that despite a year's worth of the DARE program and countless lectures in health class, it's still cool to do drugs!

I just got off another forum, some kids are going on about how weed isn't that bad. He's going on saying it's impossible to "OD" on your first time doing weed. It's such a pain having to reiterate nearly every authority figure you'll ever come across. These losers are giving my age group such a bad reputation.

And how on earth is this "ghetto" culture still thriving? Now when ever I meet somebody new who's older they seem to have the impression that I'm a slang talking crackhead. Whenever I ask another high schooler "what do you think is so great about GTA: San Andreas"?, 80% of the time the awnser is "you get to kill cops and sh&^".

Then theres the idea that it's "cool" to be stupid. How on earth does that make sense? All of a sudden when ever you ask a teacher a good question, you're told you "think too much". Whenever you ask a dumb question just for laughs you instantly become the most popular kid in school.

Then there's the "goths". I just fail to understand how it has become so popular. I can respect the true goths who know what they're talking about. But most of them are just attention seeking losers who run into hot topic and buy what ever grabs the most attention.

Then there's the gay insults. A person does something stupid, they're called gay. How on earth does that make sense? Homosexuality is a preference in sexuality, not how intelligent or cool you are.

To reiterate myself, I feel like my generation is quite misrepresented. It's not wonder many adults won't respect us. Oh well, I'm glad I got rid of some steam there. Thank goodness for this rant section.

posted on Mar, 7 2005 @ 07:19 PM
It was *exactly* the same 10 years ago.

You are not alone in your frustrations, I promise.

(but watch that goth thing, mmkay?

posted on Mar, 7 2005 @ 07:41 PM
I will have to said like banshee you are not alone she talks about 10 years ago I tell you 30 years ago it was the same problems and same dilemma when I was a teen.

Now I can sympathize with you after all my youngest son is 18 so everything you have just described my children just went through it and with the right choices you can overcome anything and later you will look back and think about it and just laugh.

At least you know what is going on, most teens or young adults has not clue.

Hang in there it will not last long but the key is to be yourself and stay away from what you know is not good for you.

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