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NEWS: Moldovans set to turn from Russia

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posted on Mar, 6 2005 @ 03:20 PM
Moldavia is set to join Ukraine and Georgia, as former Soviet republics that are moving out of Moscow's sphere of influence. Communist president Vladimir Voronin has had a cool relationship with Russia and that is being seen as key in his victory. His party currently has 60 percent of the vote in nationwide polls for parliamentary elections. The parliament then chooses the person who serves as president.
CHISINAU, Moldova (Reuters) -- Moldovans voted on Sunday in an election that has taken on overtones of recent popular movements in two other former Soviet republics, Ukraine and Georgia, to move out of Russia's embrace.

But while in those countries it was the opposition who beat governments that stood for close ties with Moscow, in Moldova it is Communist president Vladimir Voronin, once a great friend of the Kremlin, who has chosen coolness towards Russia as the way to stay in power.

The new trend has alarmed Moscow -- but may provide little satisfaction for the West as it tries to encourage former Soviet satellites to espouse transparent democracy and the rule of law

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It interesting to see the changes in the former Soviet states. No doubt Putin is worried by what he sees as a relentless march of NATO eastward towards Russia. The bungled attempts to influence Ukrainian elections on the surface seems to have been a huge defeat for him. However, I suspect that like the KGB officer he once was, Putin will simply take his operation underground should any other former states look to be independent.

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