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Grave of 'real-life Asterix' who fought Caesar found

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posted on Jul, 25 2019 @ 02:06 AM
The grave of a real-life Asterix containing what is believed to be an ancient Gallic warrior who came to Britain and fought Julius Caesar has been discovered, archaeologists have announced.

I'm going to go read my old collection of Asterix comics now!


Archaeologists have described the discovery, which will go on display at Chichester's Novium Museum in January 2020, as "the most elaborately equipped warrior grave ever found in England". The grave was found during excavations ahead of a Berkeley Homes housing development in North Bersted in 2008, but it has taken years of conservation and scientific analysis to prepare the artefacts for display.

posted on Jul, 25 2019 @ 02:30 AM
a reply to: LedermanStudio

ooOOOOOO... me too Led...

I live in France where Asterix le Gaulois hailed from the imagination of René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo....

"The year is 50 BC. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely... One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders. And life is not easy for the Roman legionaries who garrison the fortified camps of Totorum, Aquarium, Laudanum and Compendium..."

Linkywink :

I hope that the bloke... Asterix, Bastardix, tawatemontheheadix or whoever who was found in the grave kicked some serious Roman or invaders arse?

Sounds like a right hard bastard... Hard as nails...



posted on Jul, 25 2019 @ 03:25 AM
My kids loved Asterix comic books. This story brings to mind one story where Asterix was indeed in England fighting the Romans. He was frustrated because the English kept stopping their warring against the Romans to have a cup of tea! During these tea breaks the Romans were so baffled that they just stood around twiddling their thumbs.

To the OP. These types of archaeological finds offer such a fantastic window into the past.

posted on Jul, 26 2019 @ 09:23 PM
I read Asterix voraciously as a kid. Both in French and English. I wish I could remember the various stories better now. Never owned any, as I'd always borrowed them from the library.

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