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From a few weeks back...

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posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 03:04 PM
This is copy and pasted for obvious reasons... so the first few lines and the last few lines may seem odd...

And this did happen to myself a few weeks ago, and was the only one I've had with this much of striking detail in all of my life... so here goes...

The only time within the recent weeks where I was able to attain a restful evening, or actually, morning, where I concentrated on the name of the LORD, Yahweh, brought about what I will call a "vision."
Within this vision, I am not quite sure where it started, but I will begin where I can recall...
There I was, in my bedroom, with it seeming to be close to high noon, with the bedroom door open, as I was spending some time with my friends, none of whom I can specifically name when it started...
We all ran outside, and I could hear explosions coming from the north, when I heard a voice cry aloud, "What's going on?" to which a reply was, "Oh my God, we're at war!"
The sky had the appearance of a nuclear holocaust, being blood red with clouds of ash and smoke painting the horizon.
During this whole time, from what appeared to be south, southeast, came these huge spacecraft, something similar to what one may find in Star Trek, or Star Wars.
Mind you, they bore more of a resemblance to Star Trek craft, and I am not even a what you may call, a "Trekkie."
But something in this seemed awry, as these craft were northward bound.
It seemed too cinematic, too crisp and clean were these craft to appear, especially with the present conditions of the atmosphere.
I then glanced down at the floor, as I stood in the doorway, and noticed that my clothes were changning appearance, from one set of shoes to another, from one pair of pants to another, from one t-shirt to another, mixing and matching, and so on and so forth, accompanied by a blinding flash.
Then it hit me; these craft were not actual physical craft, but nothing more than a holographic projection.
I am unsure as to who cried out these words, either being myself or anoher, but the words were, "It's just a hologram! Everyone get back inside! Don't stare at it! Everybody inside, NOW!"
I do believe it was myself, but again, I am hazy on the details.
I know I ran back inside my room for shelter, and ran to my corner office space, and took refuge underneath my desk.
As I went to do this, I noticed that my desk looked exactly the way I left before I drifted off to sleep.
One thing as well, it seemed that the others had tried to build a barricade of sorts... either that or they were in a state of panic...
Shortly thereafter, I crawled from out underneath the desk, and the whole world took on this eerie red glow.
One of the first details I noticed was that I had on a black t-shirt, with these words repeated over and over on it again and again in red, "I WILL SERVE ONLY HIM."
I was disgusted by this t-shirt and promptly took it off, only to my surprise to find another black t-shirt, this time with a design of Anton Szander LaVey with a goat, alongside a pentagram.
For those who don't know, LaVey was the founder of the Church of Satan, and the goat and pentagram have obvious occult meaning.
In a state of confusion, I wandered to the wasteland outside of my room.
There were people roaming around, from all that my eyes were able to survey, with the earth looking barren.
Of all these people wandering around, there were trashcans with fire coming out from it, akin to when bums out on the streets utilize to keep warm.
Another detail I noticed almost immediately was that these people had these demonic eyes, and horns protruding from their head, as they held these plastic pitchforks and these hokey New Year's Eve hats.
Frightened, I put my hands to my head, and felt that I TOO, had these same horns.
Speechless, I ventured forward.
Next, a friend I whom I had first met from my freshman year in high school, tossed a hat in my direction and pitchfork, which I quickly declined, as I dropped them to the floor.
She then muttered some insult, which I can no longer recall.
During this whole time, I can hear music in the background.
It was as if these people were celebrating some sort of event, despite their present conditions.
But I knew something was awry.
I then went to the fence and headed alongside it, as there was a gate that I could use to get out the streets.
Before I made it that far, I bumped into a stranger, whom appeared about my age range, and told him, "God bless you," which he then cut off and replied, "Oh, thank you."
Of course, I wasn't finished, as then I proceeded to say, "In the name of Christ," which he didn't seem to hear right the first time as he asked, "For my life?"
"No, in the name of Christ," I answered.
I had no doubt in my mind he was disgusted by myself saying that, as he responed, "Ugh, get out of here."
Disheartened, I nevertheless carried on.
Here's a minor detail, which I have no clue as to whether or not it bears some significance, but after that whole incident, I had passed someone else who uttered these words, "Six, one-two, Wharf Avenue, six, one-two, Wharf Avenue."
For those who may not pick up on that right way, those are actually lyrics from a song from the Adult Swim series, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."
They only appear in one episode, titled, "MC Pee Pants," and the song itself is titled, 'I Want Candy."
Now, here is where it gets interesting...
This specific episode deals with this up and coming rapper, who goes by the name of... "MC Pee Pants."
Should one actually listen to the lyrics, they detail a plan to get the masses addicted to candy, so MC Pee Pants can use all their high brain activity to power these drills to bore a whole straight into Hell, so MC Pee Pants can use demons to engineer a diet pill pyramid scheme.
Problem-reaction-solution, or something to that extent, as David Icke would say.
Now, in order to actually get these unsuspecting listeners and potential victims to aid his plan, he then informs them, "Mess up the mix, mix up the mess, c'mon down, yo, here's the address 'Six, one-two, Wharf Avenue,' right next to, gentlemen's club."
Of course, MC Pee Pants is not who he seems, and is really a monstrous spider wearing a shower cap and a disposable diaper and ends up being blown away in the end.
The viewer then does find him in Hell, and when he sees the devil, he says, "Hey... my man, how ya'll doing man? You like hip-hop?"
The devil replies, "Now you listen to me, we only listen to speed metal down here."
MC Pee Pants then utters, "Hey man, it's cool."
"No, it's not," are the final words the devil utters before he sends a pillar of fire in the spider's direction.
Now, the fact I heard these lyrics in the dream may hold some significance, other than the fact they belong to an episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," that deals with Hell, it may be so, but I fail to find it as such.
Anyway, back to the story...
I come up and find the gate locked, so rather, instead of trying to unlock it, I decide to hop the fence.
As soon as I do this, I find another person who appeared as lost as I felt, so I struck a conversation with him.
I asked him, "What happened?"
To which he replied in full, "It didn't use to always be this way... it started sometime after Dave started dating this girl, Indigo. Shortly into their relationship, he found out she worshipped... another god..."
He trailed off somewhere after that, and he continued to stare at the cement.
I then thanked him, and got down from up off the fence and headed out into the middle of the street.
This whole time, the sky was still as desolate as it was when I left my room, with people still roaming the streets, lost.
And the faces, many, many faces I recognized.
As I headed down my street, I cried, "Yahweh! Yahweh! What happened? Help me, Yahweh! I need you!"
But I heard no reply.
And those who heard my plea gave me a face of disgust.
Continuing forth, I pulled off the black t-shirt, which also gave way to many more faces of disgust.
Soon, I heard a voice off in the distance announce, "I'm sorry people, we have no more food at this gate for the rest of the day, I'm sorry."
Out of instinct, or perhaps, intuition, I glaced down at my right hand and saw this tiny little mark, which appeared to change and had a tiny LCD screen with text scrolling across the screen, but I wasn't able to make it out.
Right around then, I throught to myself, this is too real, this is SURREAL, this isn't really happening...
And then I opened up my eyes, and found myself laying in my bed, exactly how I left when I drifted off to sleep some hours earlier.
Before anything else as well, I wrote down a message, one from when I was repeating the name of the LORD, Yahweh, over and over again.
The only difference was that instead of writing a message that I thought should be written as how I would expect it to be, I let the words come as they manifested in my head.
And the message contained these words, "The time has come, My child, for you must cast aside your old habits and push aside what the world has put in front of your family."



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