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The Mary Celeste: The very latest theory?

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posted on Jun, 16 2019 @ 12:52 PM
The other day I started watching a documentary on the Mary Celeste, and why the well-stocked and sea-worthy ship was found abandoned in 1872.

They trumpeted that the mystery was finally solved, but then I fell asleep and missed it, and although the Internet is full of details and theories about the Mary Celeste, I never found that again.

The latest I could find (from last year, or 2018) was a theory (not proof) that the water pumps got clogged with soot, and the few feet of water made the crew abandon ship.

That sounds more silly than any of the previous theories.

If that's the latest theory, I'd rather say they all went swimming as a team-building exercise, and only too late did they discover nobody let down a ladder:
"I thought you were going to do it!"
"No ways, it was your job dude."
"Flip bro, if it wasn't for that bull shark hanging on my ankle, I'd so kick your butt right now!"
And there the ship sails away.
A bit like Open Waters II, as I imagine.

Well, here a link with more background and what I could find presented as the latest "evidence" (which isn't evidence at all, but is there ever really evidence when documentary channels promise this nowadays?)

Any thoughts on whether this theory is feasible, and your favorite theory on the mystery?
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posted on Jun, 16 2019 @ 02:03 PM
a reply to: halfoldman
I saw a docu. a bit back and the theory that they came up with was the leaking alcohol fumes were a serious fire hazard. So they all boarded the lifeboat and trailed it behind the boat.
Evidence for this was a severed tow rope on the stern. Therefore trailing the ship from a safe distance, hoping for help to appear, the tow rope severed and they could not catch the ship up so were lost. The ship went on it's own way.

posted on Jun, 16 2019 @ 02:31 PM
I read something about that ship a while back. Your OP brought it out of memory, but I do not remember much about what they thought might have happened. None of the theories sounded very good back when I read it, at least I remembered that much when I was reading your opening statement.

They found a couple of other ships floating unattended over the last few centuries too I read, they do not know why the other ships were abandoned either.

posted on Jun, 17 2019 @ 10:05 AM
a reply to: halfoldman

A cargo of denatured alcohol, some have theorized that perhaps fumes were responsible, maybe they saw smoke and thinking the ship was going to explode got off her quick, a cutlass cut on one of the rail's was mentioned but other than that there was little or no evidence of violence.

Still a mystery that every now and then someone will claim to have the answer too.

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