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An Interesting Discussion About Social Issues With Our Youth

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posted on Jun, 5 2019 @ 11:59 AM
Good afternoon folks
So I ran across a Rogan Podcast featuring Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist, and found it pretty honest and revealing regarding issues such as social media giving kids anxiety, raising anti-fragile kids and the beginnings of sjw culture. The podcast covers more, but I picked these 3 topics because they struck me as making a lot of sense and providing sound reasoning for some of today's issues in our culture, particularly with the youth.
I thought this was very interesting and informative and hope that some may benefit from the awareness.

Here are the Transcripts to the show for those unable to view vids. These discussions start at 16:42 and !:05:46

posted on Jun, 5 2019 @ 12:43 PM
I would also recommend Haidt's book he co-wrote with Greg Lukianoff 'The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas are Setting Up A Generation For Failure'.

posted on Jun, 5 2019 @ 12:50 PM
a reply to: sooth

I will check it out thank you. This guy has just hit the nail on the head with some of these issues and I applaud him because these issues are on a lot of our minds and it is comforting to connect with a sensible and accurate analysis, as a start anyway.

I apologize for not breaking each segment down for discussion. I am at work and just wanted to post this as informative for now and discuss it later.

posted on Jun, 5 2019 @ 03:54 PM
a reply to: waftist

I started watching the video and will finish it later. Some interesting stuff.

I know their studies say that depression/anxiety has gone up. I don't know if that is really the case.
I wonder if it is just documented and diagnosed better now.

Back in the day if you were depressed you just kept it to yourself. Now people are encouraged to talk about it and
get help. I think we are moving in the right direction. This is also not to say that social media isn't causing problems,
surely it is.

posted on Jun, 5 2019 @ 04:31 PM
This Dennis Pager piece might add some interesting suppositions to the topic.

Given the same ubiquity of guns, wouldn't the most productive question be what, if anything, has changed since the 1960s and '70s? Of course it would. And a great deal has changed. America is much more ethnically diverse, much less religious. Boys have far fewer male role models in their lives. Fewer men marry, and normal boy behavior is largely held in contempt by their feminist teachers, principals and therapists. Do any or all of those factors matter more than the availability of guns?

The column is about why the increase in mass murders, but it touches on the problems with young people. Certainly the number of guns in society hasn't changed by statistics, but the number of mass murders has. Why?

1. Multi-culturalism over Assimilation

2. Downfall of religion, unless multiculturalism is involved (i.e rise of Islam)

3. Lack of male role models in the lives of young men

4. Fewer men marry. Breakdown of the family in general.

5. Boy behavior is considered toxic and bad.

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