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equity market and WTI "falling out of bed" again. Lol, but what really drives the price?

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posted on May, 23 2019 @ 04:54 PM
Check the article before we enjoy the rant.
us-oil-stumbles-to-nea rly-2-month-low-as-crude-set-for-third-straight-decline-2019-05-23

We all knew it's coming, waiting for the opportunity to go short for a while right? EEh,not me
I find myself managing toxic hedges most of the time when I try to take part of the market. These guys know how to play it up and down to make it look like easy money.
I told you two days ago that crude roaming above 63 is a fake price. A week long rally inconsistent with inventories or any real shortage.
There's too much of oil and lower demand. Market makers jacked up the price selling fear for $64 with sanctions in place only to get rid of the competition. I dont blame the US companies as they are heavily invested but I was couple of bucks from a black swan. Now it's more than 6 bucks lower [lolz]. OPEC needs to acknowledge that the golden days of $70+/barrel are gone. Their cuts mean nothing. Their inventories are still high and even if they produce less than is the demand, they'll still sell less because of the US oil so what's the point? Production cuts are BS game. Had they said we wont sell under $50 - it could work. All of the manufactured crisis in the world may not be necessary. They are obviously keeping Venezuela out of business together. What a shame! I'm not sure yet how it's related but Chinese margins are low too btw . Red Flag For Oil Markets: Asian Refining Margins Plunge To 16-Year Low

I've got couple of things to note. While I think B. Sanders is a crazy commie I agree on his proposal to tax trading stocks. The price movements, volatility, it's all fake. I can trade everything from outside the US with a leverage 1:1000 if I want to on 20 accounts. A Chinese guy can do it with a broker on Bahamas. How much of the trade do you think is actualy done and delivered by companies and how much of it is a speculation by various hedge funds, retail traders and banks? It's such a fraud. Big banks are fishing the dumb money most of the time. They dont care much about the news or data releases.
The next thing is that there's no reason for the economy to slow down, to go to recession, for companies to stop hiring, people spending on good stuff,... They knew it's coming. If they are too much in bed with China and their copied companies, screw them. They are globalist corporations, let them taste more tariffs. I would not stay there. China is turning back into North Korea. There's still Mao on all of their banknotes and their commie boss is speaking about the "long march". Everyone had two years to relocate their assets, to change their focus on domestic growth etc. Companies have less of the unfair price competition at home so they better adapt because I dont see Trump backing down. He's not a fkn Bloomberg comentator. It's only gonna get real because it has to. It will be a great opportunity to fix the whole system a bit. If they wanna move away from petrodollar it's no big deal IMO. It may not work well for them after all. It may not be a bad thing or a good one. What's the advantage of doing the same $hit with Yuan? Only more Mao in the world. I think there's no such thing as a real market price. Even the ex-commodity floating currencies are manipulated by central banks. OPEC is making the price all the time. Whatever. Any thoughts?
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posted on May, 23 2019 @ 05:30 PM
a reply to: PapagiorgioCZ
They play their asshole scam games on the gold & silver markets big time. Already been busted in courts for it. I can only imagine how they manipulate prices of the primary consumer commodity behind water and wood. Water, oil, wood, WOW ! Lol.

I feel bad water is so heavily abused by our species, we are really going to regret that

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