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Access to classified areas of 'national security interest & memorial' - gone but not forgotten..?

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posted on Jan, 25 2019 @ 07:11 PM

I'm a 'frequent flyer' when it comes to weird dreams. Sometimes they're of apparently monumental spiritual significance; other times they're fairly mundane, but highly accurate prophetic insights. I've shared details of some very concerning dreams in times past here on ATS, and on one occasion in particular, I believe I was a vessel utilised to forewarn the national security apparatus of the United Kingdom of a very dangerous & high-end plot against our people, with a prediction of an attack which involved delivery of a neutron bomb from the North, planned by some rogue separatist splinter group from God only knows where.. A very, very relevant 'training accident' which involved an 'exercise' over the Northerly part of Scotland, led to the death of one RAF pilot, and the loss of at least two fighter jets. It happened exactly within the window of time which was predicted - two weeks. I was absolutely blown away by the accuracy of several aspects of the dream, and I like to think back with the optimism that somehow, intelligence was channeled through my dreaming mind, which ended up being of great benefit to the nation, though the exact circumstances of the incident & the sacrifice of the pilot involved, will never be publicly revealed. I suppose the information came through me for reasons beyond my understanding, but certainly it wasn't due to high moral character or anything like that - I have a chequered history, one which I'm not proud of & try my utmost to forget. The beginnings of my personal redemption came long ago, but the work continues...

This evening, I found myself thinking about lucid dreaming - something which I have only rarely experienced myself, but which I experienced at a high level of stability around four weeks ago (by stability, I mean the ability to keep the dream active despite knowing that I was dreaming). I tend ordinarily to awaken almost immediately upon realising that I'm in a dream, so to have found myself in complete & stable control of the dream in question was remarkable. I had been falling/ surfing down a very long slide-like exit ramp for an improbably tall multi-storey car park. Around halfway down this massive slide I realised how unrealistic the scenario actually was, and this led me to become fully lucid. Thereafter I enjoyed sliding around a thousand metres further towards a rather scenic park at the base of the ramp, and I was overjoyed at the amazing movement I was capable of. I ran like the wind, and walked/ surfed on water at speed, before launching myself into the air & soaring around thirty feet up in a resplendent arc of free motion..** Sadly I woke up at this point, perhaps a minute after it began. But I had experienced such amazing liberty in that moment - to explain, I am physically disabled by a neurological disorder, and cannot even walk to the corner shop without causing a horrible flare-up of pain unless I plan it a day in advance, managing strong medications around the event, resting flat on my back for a couple of hours afterwards. I have central pain syndrome, which is not a lot of fun, and hence you may see why I found this dream to be a literal godsend..

This experience reminded me of another dream, which occurred perhaps three months ago; I was inspired & intrigued by the experience & its potential implications, so I thought it a good idea to share it, and seek feedback from members who also put a premium on meaningful dreams... Thanks in advance for your thoughts & for sharing any details of similar experiences which you recall that may be relevant to the overall theme..

In the dream, I found myself floating above a beautiful English countryside village, though it was laid out in a somewhat strange way. It looked like it was maintained as part of a private estate, and indeed there seemed to be an arrangement of walls & other buildings which gave that impression, even though it was open space & quite a large area. There were several groupings of pleasant little cottages with gardens, some terraces of late 19th century style, some manicured lawns, pathways & lovely trees scattered about. It gave the impression of a setting for the homes of valued staff who worked for the owners of the vast estate, who were well looked after with humble yet beautiful homes in a very peaceful, ordered & stately environment. There was a large church some way around from the houses, behind a low wall which delineated a graveyard from the pathway, which was clearly well cared for. I found myself drawn to buildings which were attached to/ next to the church, and descended hoping that nobody would see me, and I could have a look round before anyone kicked me out..

What I found was astonishing.. Within one large room which was a sort of antechamber off the main indoor space of the church, was a huge collection of shelves loaded with boxes, all of which were uniform in size & style, with written details on the lids which named former soldiers who had died in the service & protection of the United Kingdom in times past, stretching back at least as far as World War One. Each box contained extensive details of the life & times of the soldier/officer in question, with exploits & commendations listed in depth, with an accompanying set of honours, medals/seals, with details of heroic death where a deliberate sacrifice was made to protect either his fellow soldiers, or innocents who had been caught up in the warfare, wherever it had occurred in the world. There was a sense that these records were sanctified, and that they had been curated for the benefit of the rulers of the nation, so that they could remain humble & respectful of the role they had to play in the life of the nation, keeping the memory of so many honourable sacrifices alive in their minds on a regular basis, to foster thankfulness & a sense of duty, care & respect. The atmosphere was holy, and I felt a sense of reverence just being there, almost that I was unworthy to stand among them.

Now whether that vision of the night represented something which actually exists in our great nation somewhere, on one of the Royal estates which is off-limits to the public, classified & reserved for Royal contemplation, I cannot say. Whatever the actual fact of the matter, this dream gave a hugely convincing representation of exactly what such a curated memorial would look & feel like, and I'm sure that there is a place where such things can be remembered when one passes from this life to the next.. "All things which are hidden shall become known"

'God save the Queen?' Certainly, God saves those brave souls who died to protect the ideals of freedom which this nation seeks to uphold. I hope that a place like this is in existence somewhere in England's green & pleasant lands - and if not, let us now build Jerusalem here..

Have you experienced anything like this, where you seemed to have access to something which was supposed to be secret, classified, off-limits? I get the feeling that these places have psychic protections in place in addition to ordinary security.. If Project Stargate taught us anything, it's definitely highly recommended!

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posted on Jan, 26 2019 @ 06:08 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

hello fly,
i concur from previous experiences that you may have had a peek around the veil.
consider that the memorial you perceived is one of many repositories globally where
energy/essence is stable and content to a certain degree. these individual energies/souls
of the fallen and those who sacrificed i liken to the orderly workings of a fission reactor.
care must be taken so go gently around earmarked ley intersections where these vaults
are situated. they are guarded jealously so i suspect you were allowed/invited to view
and feel the potential.

i have read your post a number of times before formulating a reply as i consider
any information from my end must be expressed responsibly as consequences for
sloppy diligence are far-reaching.
my view of you from your post gives me the impression that you are passive and
that is not a bad thing at all when visioning. active visioning from myself was
undertaken some decades ago and comes with a whole different set of consequences and pitfalls.
these days i do not activate or prepare to activate for many reasons and just go with the
random which is easier on the mind, body and energy.

go easy my friend


posted on Feb, 10 2019 @ 09:37 AM
Hi FlyInTheOintment

I discovered this thread as I was searching MILABS and you had an interesting thread on it which sadly fizzled out - my family have a UK intelligence back round and I was born into the military overseas, and have led a life for which MILABS is one potential avenue of interest.

Of the many unexplained experiences I have had, going back to childhood, the most recent and dramatic was an induced dream about an English country village in the next century, and I have been searching for answers to what I was shown for over 6 years.

So I read your post with growing excitement, though in the end it was something not quite the same - in my dream, for which I was awake the whole time, we have been completely subjugated, and troops in grey trench coats are running the show. Russians? I don't know, but our new overlords seemed to have some quasi occultic flavour to them, and they were known as the Bankers.

I have tried creative writing to get to the bottom of it all - I am unable to just put it aside - but to no avail. I may try painting next. No idea.

But your two dreams about the neutron attack, contrasting with the peace and tranquility of the sanctuary, thank you very much for sharing - a scene conjured up of hope amidst the nightmarish despair.

Any clues as to where that village is?


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