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Global Mass Migration Solves NOTHING so whos kidding who?

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posted on Jan, 10 2019 @ 01:06 PM
Run migrants just run and run. So what about the rest of the good people left behind who cannot run? So why is the United Nations and other world leaders placing pressure on the stabilized countries of the world to overpopulate via mass migration and become destabilized? Here's a link to the situation which I believe is accurate. Actually it was written by the United Nations University.

So what about the Root Cause about those who are causing this entire situation; Criminals. Yep no one talks about them that often do they. Its all about the kid that died or was separated from his parents or someone who was served beef instead of pork or that the air conditioning doesn't work. Sure. When do we hear the call of our politicians to tell Trump to lets go get them thar criminals in those countries known as the the Northern Triangle so as to enable people native to those countries to once again enjoy freedom from crime. I mean even Mexico deserves peace. I mean hey, the military industrial complex likes a good fight, its just that were extending our efforts in the lands of sand while our rear flank gets slammed. Oh, those are sovereign nations. We don't do those things. Well President Regan did and he didn't give a sheet. Obviously with exception to Russia and possibly China; the rest of the world has its marching orders and march on they do. Especially the MSM and their never ending rollout of sewage and engineered narratives.

Well so much for my "factual" rant as I am Joe Nobody. Money corrupts everything and in my opine and after reading a lot of material, money seems to have corrupted and has been in play ever since the Eisenhower administration.

So adults; be careful what you wish for as its "all about the children". Remember that one?

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posted on Jan, 10 2019 @ 01:21 PM
I just can't see why all this migration is happening, you would think that NATO would just supply some help to stop the tyranny and sex trafficing going on. Instead they allow people to get up and leave to come to their countries who's cultures are so much different without proper conditioning and vetting. I think that maybe these elites that are allowing the migrants in should be kicked out of their country to balance the influx. Set up various safe areas for these settlers to go in their own countries till things get better, and require them to work in their community to help each other out for the good of their community, no free ride.

posted on Jan, 10 2019 @ 01:33 PM
It’s called the ‘Kalergi Plan’

A racist dream set up by power hungry oligarchs and supported by racist leftists.

It should be compulsory reading.

The bigoted old racist Angela Merkel was even publicly presented with the ‘Kalergi Award’ for her part in facilitating the MASS movement of third world migrants into Europe.

PUBLICLY presented with the Kalergi Award. To leftist applause.

posted on Jan, 10 2019 @ 02:08 PM
After some consideration, I think we've been observing the implementation of an act of war against (primarily) Europe in the first instance, perpetrated by the hidden Nazi underground - the extra-territorial legacy civilisation rooted in a network of massive corporate interests which is presently spread around the world with thousands upon thousands of sleeper agents, agents provocateur, agitants & disruptors, having its only territorial bases in Argentina & likely Antarctica.

They were allied with the Islamists (Such as the Muslim Brotherhood) in the second world war, and afterwards many of their top SS & intelligence operatives became advisors to wealthy Islamic patrons in nations such as Syria & Egypt. They have been responsible for the bizarre apparent 'false flag' terror attacks across the Western world, which are actually the actions of external enemies, made to look like false flags perpetrated by the governments of the nations where the attacks took place. So many weird coincidences & strangely effective acts which wouldn't seem to be possible without extensive operational support, which I posit is provided by these extra-territorial Nazi agents embedded within the Western nations. Their presence is more openly known to have comprised the Eastern European desk of the CIA immediately after the war, recruited by the Americans to keep eyes on the Russians. Operation Paperclip implanted high level Nazi scientists in the US, who went on to develop the core of the organisation we know as NASA. They are so perfidious that the US 'Deep State' is deeply linked to them, and US presidents even have to pay tribute to them with otherwise unexplained state visits to obscure Argentine towns full of Bavarian inspired acrhitecture, or even to Antarctica.

They activate & set loose Islamic stooges for the pseudo-false flags, and eventually they manipulated the narrative so much that they were able to release wave after wave of Islamic insurgents ('refugees') into the heart of Europe, particularly through a strangely powerful Germany (as de facto head of the European Union). Millions of them have now invaded & begun to disrupt & disintegrate European culture & the civilised peoples who previously had led essentially idyllic lives (Europe being on of the most prosperous & humane civilisations on Earth). I believe that they have willfully led these agents of chaos into Europe so as to gradually generate a widespread state of emergency, damaging the will & psychological state/ beliefs of the Europeans who are constantly being told to accept that there is NO SUCH THING as European culture or values, etc.

Ultimately, this is a case of sending in the termites to weaken the house, ensuring that the slightest winds of aggravation & limited warfare will almost certainly cause incredibly widespread devastation. The house almost destroyed, the extra-territorial underground Nazi powers will take action via their corporate powers embedded within the state to overthrow the established systems of governance, pulling off a coup which rips Europe away from any pretence at democracy & establishes an ultra-fascist pan-European state which then vies for full control of the globe, having immense wealth & power, capable of initiating the Fourth Reich. At that stage I believe they will forcibly deport, or execute, the Islamic agitators they fed into the system in order to destabilise it in the first place. Disposable weapons of subversion, cast aside in the establishment of an Aryan state, the saviours of the Europeans who had been devastated by the gang activity & Islamic terror which had seemed to be caused by the existing European Union governments letting them in originally. They will be cast aside & destroyed, at which point the world will change forever.

Bleak times.

posted on Jan, 10 2019 @ 04:28 PM
The only countries not complaining about immigrants .... are the countries

from which the immigrants are leaving!

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