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Why God Exists

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posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 12:26 AM
Why I believe in god

First I will say what I believe in.

I believe in a god. In a force or being that created existence as we know it. I believe that there is something beyond our extinct I believe it is intelligent.

This is a general definition of god as i see him I will not get into any greater detail.

I believe in this force because I cannot believe that the universe is simply a random event. The universe and we are far too complex to be explained away by Random occurrence.

We are living being who perceive the world trough thought, science, the very complexity of our behaviors and patrons (civilization, art, money,). The fact you can get all of this from a mere mammal is amazing.

Mammals and all living creatures at there core are actual just chemical reactions. All organic life is merely a chemical reaction. From a chemical reaction come cats, roses, snakes, humans and ants. All these creatures. Made even more complex if you think about the fact that all multi-cellular life is essentially an infantile complex colony of single-celled life. We are Actually made up billions of living organisms.

All of this is even more amazing if you think that this chemical reaction that gives all thing life. Is created by the interplay of Atoms which are made of subatomic particles which at lowest level are made of waves and energy fields.
If you look at the fact that we are all made at the lowest level out of energy and all the way up through chemical reaction through single-celled life all the way to us and our art, our science and our societies. The complexity of it is too great to attribute to mere randomness.


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