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The net and plagerism.

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posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 10:02 PM
I'm about half way upset here.

Six or seven years ago I was on an email list called, "The beasties" and it was a huge list. Hundreds of emails everyday. While on that list I wrote stories quite frequently and sent them out to be shared. I wrote one called, "The playground of our lives" and sent it out. It was very populer. One member even wrote me later on and said that the story had hung on her fridge for a year and while moving she had missplaced it and needed another copy.

I didn't have another copy. My original version had died in a horrible HD crash.

Tonight I got a version of that story back. It had been rewritten and glossed over but the story was still the exact story I wrote many years ago. No author was listed for the credit.

Still, my story was rewritten by someone I don't know and i'm not sure if they are taking credit for it or not. It mess's me up a bit. Just seeing it again, being passed around on the net, caught me off guard.

On one hand, my writing skills six years ago were horrible. I used dots to drag out a this. My spelling was terrible, I didn't use word or grammer check. Maybe the story needed to be rewritten.

But as the author I SHOULD HAVE DONE THE REWRITING!!!!!!

here is the story. If I had rewritten it it would have been better. What I need to find out is if someone else is claiming credit for a story I wrote.

Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Love and light,


The Playground

I awoke to find myself walking hand-in-hand with the Mother-of-Us-All
toward a beautiful Playground,a playground that seemed to stretch to
infinity.She brought me to the gate,gave me a big hug and a kiss,and
said unto me,"This is your playground,do as thou wilt,and have a good
time."I nervously walked through the gates,and was amazed at all the
sights and sounds.There were monkey bars,slides,toys,sprinklers,and
all types of fun goodies,as far as the eyes can see.There were also
many,many children of all different shapes and sizes playing through
out the Playground.

I explored my surroundings for a while,and made a few friends.All
around me children were playing and doing many things(as children are
want to to). Some children played by themselves,and some played with
many kids.Some only had one or two playmates,and some had none.There
were even a few who didn't want to play at all,and said that playing
was bad.Sometime some of the kids would steal the toys from the other
kids,and others would hog all the toys around them.Some even shared
their toys with others.

All around me,children were running and jumping,laughing and singing,
loving and fighting.Some kids would stay in the playground for a
while, and some had to leave as soon as they got there.Sometimes
fights would break out amongst the children,often for silly
reasons.Some children had too many toys to play with,and some had
none.Some of the kids would section off a part of a playground, and
wouldn't let any one else play there.Bullies would roam the park
picking on the weaker kids.Many games were play in the playgound.Some
of the games were:cops and robbers,war,hospital,convert the
heathens,feed the poor,get a good job,etc.

I noticed a bunch of kids in the middle of a heated discussion, so I
decided to see what was going on.I discovered that the children were
discussing the nature of the playground.Some children said that this
is the only playground there is,while others said there are an
infinite amount of playgrounds.Some argued that this section of the
playgrond was the only section to have children playing,and others say
that there are many sections with many children in it.Some say that
when you leave the playground you never come back,and some say that
you come back over and over again. I didn't get involve in that
discussion,because I knew better.

In another discussion pool,the kids were talking about the
Mother-of-Us-All. Some said she didn't exist,some said she did.A few
of the kids believed that there was no Mother-of-Us-All,only the
Father existed.Some believed that there were many Mothers and
Fathers.And some of us believed that She is All-in-One,and
One-in-All.There were kids who said that if you do not play the way
they said that Mother/Father wants you to play,you will go to a
very,very BAD place when you leave the playground. I found a few who
truly loved the Mother,and said to them,"hey guys,lets just play".

Every once in a while Mother would call out the name of a child and
tell them it was time to go home.Some children would scream and cry
and throw temper tantrums,but to no avail.When Mom said it was time to
go,it was time to go.I decided to really enjoy my stay in the
playground.I played with many kids,had many adventures,had run-ins
with bullies,scraped my knees a few times,and generally had the time
of my life.After a while,I grew very tired and sleepy,and I knew it
was soon time for Mother to call my name.I put my toys away,and called
all my playmates together for one last game of tag.When the game
ended,I head Mother call my name.I bid my playmates farewell,and told
them not to cry,we will all play together again someday.I ran out off
the park and into Mothers waiting arms.I placed my head on her bosom
and said ."Thank you Mom,I had a great time in the Playground".She
just smiled at me gave me a kiss on the forehead,and I fell asleep in
her arms.

I awoke to find myself walking hand-in-hand with the Mother-of-Us-All
toward a beautiful Playground,a playground that seemed to stretch to

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