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Manifest-Propaganda & the Telepathic Hive Mind

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posted on Nov, 14 2018 @ 01:40 PM
O.k., time for some "fun" speculation that's not all about the miserable state of politics in the US.

I'm sure some of our dear ATS members have been tuned in to the new series "Manifest". Yea, its kind of interesting; plane takes off, disappears and reappears and lands 5 years later.

Now its developing a story line around how some of the returning passengers are "hearing voices" and being directed to do "good works" and saving lives by being directed by the voices and how some of the passengers seem telepathically "twined" to other passengers who are being tortured such that the "twin" who isn't being tortured suffers the same wounds and trauma.

In this latest episode, (pronounced EEpesode in NZ), one of the survivors, who is trying to find 11 survivors who disappeared, goes to some bizarre conference where a woman talks about all humanity being telepathically connected, all one to the other, etc.

When I saw that and called to mind recent articles about how the "scientists" are working out how to telepathically control stuff like computers and automobiles, I put it all together and realized..........Ah HAH, the writers/producers of this new show are "programming" the audience to accept the telepathic "hive mind".

So, today, having realized that, I did some research to discover...........are scientists really researching telepathy and and interconnecting everyone's brains?


At the same time, Sandberg suspects that “real” neural interfacing will take a while, since it needs to be safe, convenient, and have a killer app worth doing. It will also have to compete with existing communications systems and their apps. Similarly, Naam says we could build a telepathic network in a few years, but with “very, very, low fidelity.” But that low fidelity, he says, would be considerably worse than the quality we get by using phones — or even text or IM. “I doubt anyone who’s currently healthy would want to use it.” But for a really stable, high bandwidth system in and out of the brain, that could take upwards of 15 to 20 years, which Naam concedes is optimistic. “In any case, it’s not a huge priority,” he says. “And it’s not one where we’re willing to cut corners today. It’s firmly in the medical sphere, and the first rule there is ‘do no harm’. That means that science is done extremely cautiously, with the priority overwhelmingly — and appropriately — being not to harm the human subject.”

I asked Sandberg how the telepathic noosphere will disrupt the various way humans engage in work and social relations. “Any enhancement of communication ability is a big deal,” he responded. “We humans are dominant because we are so good at communication and coordination, and any improvement would likely boost that. Just consider flash mobs or how online ARG communities do things that seem nearly supernatural.”

“If we become telepathic, it means we will have ways of doing the same with concepts, ideas and sensory signals,” says Sandberg. “It is hard to predict just what this will be used for since there are so few limitations. But just consider the possibility of getting instruction and skills via augmented reality and well designed sensory/motor interfaces. A team might help a member perform actions while ‘looking over her shoulder’, as if she knew all they knew. And if the system is general enough, it means that you could in principle get help from any skilled person anywhere in the world.”

Of course, after watching the show I thought about all of this and had a light bulb moment! Yea.........NO, I refuse to be telepathically connected to the rest of humanity! I can not even to begin to imagine the total apocalyptic horror of that. It that's where you want to go? Good for you but leave me out of that!

In response to the question of privacy, Sandberg quipped, “Privacy? What privacy?” Our lives, he says, will reside in the cloud, and on servers owned by various companies that also sell results from them to other organizations. “Even if you do not use telepathy-like systems, your behaviour and knowledge can likely be inferred from the rich data everybody else provides,” he says. “And the potential for manipulation, surveillance and propaganda are endless.”

Ah the're mind will be an open book!

And why did I put this OP in the General Conspiracy forum? People, can you not see how you are being programmed to accept things being developed over which you will ultimately have no control? And this "Manifest" program isn't alone in this propaganda programming.

Check out the series "Mars"; it drips with propaganda programming! You poor worker bees are going to be taxed to the hilt to support some International Mars base of the future from which maybe you're great, great granchildren will one day benefit. Ah well.....drink your koolaide!

posted on Nov, 14 2018 @ 02:15 PM
a reply to: TonyS

I love how they try to only put a positive spin on it.
Like there are only great skilled minds that will tune in. No thanks!

posted on Nov, 14 2018 @ 02:37 PM
a reply to: JAGStorm

There is that; how they gonna handle the hostile dummies plugged into it. I gotta believe they will have to come up with some kind of shielding helmet or device people can wear to stay out of the loop.

Just imagine the damage that could be done to teenagers. Those are emotionally charged, mentally befuddled years to begin with!

posted on Nov, 14 2018 @ 03:00 PM
Been watching this and been annoyed. Not sure what kind of audience this is aimed at, it feels cliche also naive. The idea is good but realization is like a vinyl stuck on tune.

Poor me, couldn´t find better serie to watch at the time. not sure if i am going to watch it thru.

I miss 4400 which did not have what i call empty spaces.

posted on Nov, 16 2018 @ 06:06 AM
Possibly in the future, nicely laid out op thanks, this may be a concern. From as mentioned propaganda to brain hacking. Though, now it's still in it's infancy. The positive is it's right now able to benefit paralyzed people, though for now to an extent. Sure, one might say "That's how it begins!" Sometimes the risk doesn't outweigh the benefit one might proclaim.

If all goes well, it will conquer the field’s Everest: developing a brain-computer interface that could enable people with a spinal cord injury, locked-in syndrome, ALS, or other paralyzing condition to talk again. STAT Plus: Exclusive analysis of biotech, pharma, and the life sciences.

The technology needn’t give these patients the ability to deliver a Shakespeare soliloquy. More and more experts therefore think a system that decodes whether a person is silently saying yes or no or hungry or pain or water is now within reach, thanks to parallel advances in neuroscience, engineering, and machine learning.

“We think we’re getting enough of an understanding of the brain signals that encode silent speech that we could soon make something practical,” said Brian Pasley of the University of California, Berkeley. “Even something modest could be meaningful to patients. I’m convinced it’s possible.”


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