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Moon Troopers (Prelogue)

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posted on Sep, 13 2018 @ 09:36 PM
The moon exploration of the 21st century made a remarkable discovery that was as unexpected as it was diffcult to believe. The discovery of the moon being an Ancient spacecraft which had settled in orbit around the earth an eon ago.

The year was 2026 when men finally returned to the moon. The worlds anticipation and excitement of the event was felt from all around the world; by all zones, colours and creeds watching the moon landing live.

Little did anyone expect such a great discovery would be made on the momumental day. The lunar landing being televised live from a robotic camera already pre-planted at strategic vantage point on the rim a crater. This would provide the best view of the lander touching down on the moons surface.

Meanwhile in the cities, towns and wherever persons gathered to watch the live televised event there was an air of collective excitement and anticipation. There were crowds lining the streets; in shops, in bars making watching replays of the original moon landing. The grainy fakery of them original films imbued a surreal feel this scene had been played out before.

In the seconds before the landing all were silent with jaws open; as if trying to hear the lander touch its feet upon the moon ground. Then cheers and cries of laughter man had finally returned to the moon. Tears in eyes as, hugs, cheers, cries and laughter. The emotion release of something bottled up inside for far too long. The old America was in this moment a great nation again.

No sooner than the lander had settle to the grand it began sinking into the ground. What an usual scene to bestow amongst the revelry of peoples. The cheers and laughter suddenly dies off to a stunning silence. A jaw dropping event is occurring which is clearly visible to all. The lander was sitting on artifical platform and is being lowered through an artifical trap door opening.

A message suddenly interrupts the screens around the world. The face of a reptillian stares at through the screens with a look of vileification and contempt. The reptiles gives out a series of unintelligible grunts and hisses. Then the electronic sounds of a translator softens through crackles of white noise. The voice of the reptilian now speaks in a coarse English.

"You awoke us back in your ninety sixty seven. That we have now come out of hiberation and are hungry. We see the seeds of our food have grown into great crops. We seeded your race and so belong to us to do as we see fit. We are hungry after our sleep and will require your flesh to eat. Quotas will be communicated offline to your leaders and your deaths will serve the Kikiansian empire."

The faces of the reptilian fades away and a different transmission resumes.

A Nasa spokemans comes on speaking in a nervous jittery tone.

"The transmission has been interupted...errr due to a technical bug....errr which caused the download feed to inadvertantly connect to a rogue; you know like one of then you tube conspiracy channels. Now I assure you all!...errr... there is nothing really to worry about here. Thank your for your patience and we will endeavour to return to normal footage as soon as possible."

That night the President of the world has a private sitting with the Council of Seven.

"Damn! Weve found ourselves a Hell of a situation. So lets get straight to the crux of this do we have the firepower to repel the hostiles?"

The oligarchy of the Presidents men look at eachother but none speak. They all are transfixed in unison on one empty chair, which where normally sit the Seventh council member Jorden.

The President of the world bangs his fists on the oak table and goes into animated rant.

"This is an world emergency and Jorden hasn't turned up. By God! what a way for the first President of the world to have to deal with! I mean I need solutions from you Gentlemen! not blanks stares at an empty chair."

The fifth councillor speaks, Rex Rax head of the clandestien space program.

"We have for nearly hundred fifty years known of a possible malevolent threat in space and hence why the reason the clandestien space program, was created. Through it not only was the creation of advanced space vehicles possible, but also a squadron wing of troopers who have been genetically built through covert programs; trained in the space hardware and who are ready to respond."

"Tell me more of these troopers?" asks the President.

"Thats Jordens department and hes not here yet. Who knows why hes late; nothing can be ruled out now. The only thing I can tell you with certainty is we have the craft deployable to function role as rapid intrusion trooper carries. We also have crafts which can breaks entrance openings as we all saw swallow the lunar module. The entrances follow into tunnels which leads into the inner moon."

"What are you proposing?" asks the President.

"A spearhead moonhead assault to take the moon back! by neutralising the Alien aggressors." replies Rex Rax.

Suddenly a door bell echos and two large doors swing open and the seventth member of the council walks in Jorden.

"Where the Hell have you been?" shouts the President.

"Organising the paper work to have a felon released from jail. You just have to sign now!" exclaims Jordan with a half smile and half serious look on his face.

"A felon what are on about man. The world is going down gurgler and my presidency and this council will go with me, and your on about seeking pardon of a Felons!"

The President walks to a nearby bar and pours himself a triple bourben. The pressure of the new job is already overwhelming.

Jorden addresses the fellow Council members to explain the situation.

"Jon Hena. Ex special operations, and expert with explosives single handedly held off the Khans army. A man who has been trained in the tibeatean arts of the mind and ninja. A man who has fought aliens inflitrating this planet for last ten years. A man who is expert in Kung-fu and genetically modified with dials on his body. Dials that give him the ability to modify properties of his body, mind and soul. This is the man we need to inflitrate the moon. The troopers will only be the diversionary force for him to slip into the dark cracks of the inner moon."

"But why is this person a felon as you said?" asks a Council member.

"Yes unfortunately he is. On his last mission before being incarcerated, a General ordered a fragging of a village to take out a leader of a terrorist group. The intelligence showed the village was full of innocent civillians who had no connection with the terrorist. So he refused the order which led to a dispute and argument with the General. Without going into details the General ended up dead."

"So where is Jon Hena now?" asks the President.

"He imprisoned on an isolated island policed by aerial drones. It is the only way to contain him. So its time now to let him out."

The President declares hes ready to announces the way forward.

"Gentleman a plan has been proposed and I sanction it by siging the presidential authorisation to release Henadial!"

posted on Sep, 13 2018 @ 11:18 PM
That was great and freaky. Damn those Reptilians!


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