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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 08:18 AM
There is no God. Of any kind. There is no mysterious force guiding me and everything else in any particular direction. Rather, no conscious force. I accept that there is a small possibility of this, it's just highly unlikely, all religions have about the same likelihood of being true. It would be foolish for me to think there was a God, after all, there is no proof. The only reason to believe in God, in any religion, is because I am told to do so. Told to by the majority of the society. Told that I am supposed to think and act in a certain way. I try to be an analytical thinker. I try to think for myself. I decide what is right and wrong. I decide how I think and act as best I can.

Conclusion being to do whatever I *EDIT* want to do. Sure, I take into consideration the consequences of my actions. In the real world, if I decide I want to kill someone I have to take into consideration what others would do to me/like to do to me if they found out. I could kill people in the socially acceptable way. I could be a cop, join the army, or any government organization were the duty is to kill. Were I would get money and even respect for killing, mostly immune to the law, exempt from punishments the government dishes out to most people for the crime. I however hate the police and virtually anyone associated with the US government. I'm not just talking about killing people though. I follow what I want to do whatever that may be. *EDITED OUT UN-NEEDED OBSCENE CONTENT WITH DEROGATORY COMMENTS.


People acting how they are told because they are told is foolish and ignorant. *EDITED OUT UN-NEEDED OBSCENE CONTENT WITH DEROGATORY COMMENTS. It's insane how people do this. You've got a little case of depression and are slightly smarter than the common person. Why must you dress in all black and spend two hours doing your hair? Just so you can look Goth, label yourself with that so hated label. Woman, do I need to say anything other than high heals. Grown people acting like children. It's in our nature to go with the flow, would you try turning on your brain for maybe a few seconds though.

What people should understand, and it should be common sence. People are not equal. Any two people will have differing abilities mentally and physically. One will have talents and abilities superior to the other, skills the other may not even posses. Being more talented than another in one area of course does not mean that you are more talented in all areas. People are very much different from eachother. They do posses common traits, many similarities physically and psychologically. It is stupidity to claim everyone is equal.

Because people are not equal, they should not be treated equally. If you want to pay someone to mow your lawn for example, it would be ridiculous, and ridiculous for anyone to expect you to hire a person without legs over someone with. Regardless of whether or not the cripple is capable. Other factors could possibly come into play making the cripple better suited for the job, I'm just making a point. Personality of course is very important. It isn't the only important attribute like some would like to think.

Judging people is intelligent. Without truly knowing them. On first impression. Judgments shouldn't be concrete without sufficient evidence to back it up. If at first glance you think someone might be dangerous to you, it is wise to trust your instincts and be cautious of that person. There is no intelligent reason not to make comparisons between new people with people from memory to determine possible personality traits of the person in question. I am very much against dealing out punishments to people whom are not deserving of the punishment. Such is the case when you assume all of a particular race are criminals because many are. Such is the case when one man is locked up for doing drugs because a totally different drug user became violent while high.

Now, I'm talking about having freed my mind from imaginary restraints that the masses are confined by. It's like a dream, in a dream you might fear things for which there is no need to fear. All because you have delusions of rules which are not there. In a dream, if you become lucid, you realize you don't have to be doing whatever it is that you are doing and can do whatever the *EDIT you want, within the boundaries of your own mind. I consider myself to have become lucid, not in a dream but like in a dream in the "real world". Reality has more restrictions than a dream, you are confined by stricter rules and the consequences of your actions are far more severe. Still, most people have buried themselves with restriction that aren't necessary. Confined themselves to rules that do not exist. All you have to do is realize that you can in fact do whatever you want to do, bound only by the rules of this universe and that which you fear, negative consequences that you fear. One thing should be known, the fear of consequences is usually worse than the consequences themselves. Living as a coward, scared of what others will think and do is not a way to live happily. Living this way adds to mankinds problems.

To me the belief in God (among others) is ridiculous, childish, and foolish. Because you have been told to believe something your whole life and there is a book of rules and fictitious acid trip stories that people have believed for hundreds of years is no reason to believe it. The interesting fact is, the majority of people would believe whatever religion they were told was real from birth no matter what the religion. They have no idea. People are quite easy to manipulate, when you have the resources. For example, Nazi Germany. Nearly all the world is unable to comprehend the actions of these people. They did the things they did because they were brainwashed. Another example, this war in Iraq. The US sends troops over, the troops kill thousands, including unarmed woman and children. They torture others. Yet, the US citizens and the rest of the world allow this ruler to continue on his insane merciless quest. There are people agreeing to go kill and torture innocent people and are doing it. Just as they were then, people are brainwashed by the government and allow it to do whatever it wishes even if by chance they don't agree with what it's doing.

My recommendation to everyone is to think for yourself. To decide for yourself what is wrong and right. Simply by how you feel. If something feels wrong, you feel bad doing something, don't do it. If something feels right, you feel good doing it, do it. It's as simple as that. It works well for the animal kingdom. It's the natural healthy way of deciding what's right and wrong. If you feel a strong urge to do something, or not to do something, follow those feelings. For some people this might mean go on a killing spree. Well, then, consider the consequences, if it's worth it go on ahead and do it. There might not be any negative consequences. The fact is though, the type of person who would go on a killing spree is going to regardless of possible punishment. They obviously aren't brainwashed, they don't have a healthy mentality but at least they aren't sheep. Being one of the sheople is in fact worse than being a serial killer. Being one of the sheople can cost hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of lives, all life on the planet is at stake really. While the serial killer manages about a hundred, most get captured/killed long before they kill that many.

I myself, will do drugs, *EDIT* like crazy, get into fights, beat the # out of people with weapons, and even kill people if I feel it's necessary. These are my self proclaimed rights. I will defend them with force, because that's what I feel is right. If everyone did what they felt was right. If everyone discarded their shame, their guilt, their wanting to be one of the sheople. If no one put any thought into what others thought was right, or kewl, or wrong. This world would be a far better place. People wouldn't be as easily manipulated into doing things that they feel are wrong. People would be much happier. If everyone accepted the fact that they are going to die, that they are going to get older and weaker, accepted that there is no heaven or hell or even a need for the lie. That would do a lot to help the world condition as well.

Humans tend to destroy the natural order of things. The natural order of things being kill the weak to aid the strong, among other things. In the long term, this is better for all species. It's healthy. The wolf kills because they know they have to kill. The wolf in doing this, rids other species of their weaker stupider members. Thus allowing the other species to evolve in an appropriate direction, and/or it may lower the numbers of an overpopulated species, aiding the rest of the species. Benefiting the rest of the species by freeing up resources and enabling them to escape bad situations easier without the weaker stupider members.

The smarter, faster, stronger wolf gets to eat and survive. This act of killing aids both this prey and predator species, along with others. When humans kill, both human and prey are negatively effected. For one, all the mass produced animals are the weak and stupid. There is no discerning which die, they all die, they all breed. Humans eat this meat which is unhealthy, in comparison to that which the wolf eats. Unhealthy because the prey is breed and raised in horrible unhealthy conditions. While only the animal which is killed by the wolf suffers, possibly ending it's suffering, all of that which the humans kill are suffering throughout their lives. Living in the conditions that these mass produced animals live in leads to not only the suffering of the animals themselves but also leads to disease. Disease which can make the animal uneatable, disease which if contagious can jump species spreading to humans.

They live in perfect conditions for something horrible to happen. Living in their own feces, in cramped areas, improper breading habits spreading sickness rapidly, with all those susceptible to disease getting to pass on their genes to the next generation. Fed antibiotics, others of the same species, corn-fed, steroids, and being pumped with hormones further adds to the problem. Outbreak is inevitable, it will only get worse generation to generation. Mad cow is nothing compared to what can happen. Humans have made themselves dependent upon these animals, dependent upon mass producing them. So that not only are lives physically at stake. The economy would take a massive hit if all these mass produced animals became uneatable, if they all started dying off. If they started spreading disease to humans. It would also of course effect our food supply, we eat a lot of mass produced animals. Chinease chickens and Canadian cows should be taken as a warning.

What I'm getting at is, humans destroy the natural order of things. The natural order works quit well. This, negative evolution of the human species, this unnatural way the masses live is a good way to bring about the destruction of all life, or nearly all life on the planet. Many years of suffering before the end. Mass producing animals is far from the only, or even the most severe problem caused by/facing humanity. People evolve for the worse, just like our livestock. We strive to keep all the weak of our species alive and able to breed. In fact, giving the weak of our species special treatment over the smarter stronger and faster of our species. This is a sick twisted version of how the world is supposed to work. Human order is opposite of natural order. For the better of all species on the planet, all life, humans should get back into the pattern intended. Instead of fighting against it. Fighting against natural death so hard that it will lead to the nasty painful death of all.

There is hope for those of us alive today. Hope for humanity. We don't all have to aid in this demented end humanity is coming to. At least not so drasticaly. Believing what government tells you, taking in what government tells you, letting it tease and desensitize you is the biggest mistake of everyone's lives. You need to at least see the brainwashing, if you must subject yourself to it. Most importantly stop spreading it. Try to spread free thought instead of what you saw on television or learned in school. I would hope you have life experiences more interesting than what everyone has already heard from there TV set. More interesting topics of discussion at least.

Instead of being brainwashed from cradle to grave that this planet was handed to us by God to do with whatever the *EDIT we want. Children, everyone, should be taught to respect the planet, respect nature, respect natural order. Instead of being brainwashed to think the law, or a list of rules from some fictional book are the bases of right and wrong. People should be taught that right and wrong are real, they should be taught that within themselves they know what is right and what isn't. The law is to be made by the people, the law should not define people.

[edit on 23-2-2005 by ZeddicusZulZorander]

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 05:14 PM
Nice, thanks for sharing without getting too cocky.

Meanwhile vigilantism is on the decline while apathy takes hold.

I hope you are not another sheep in wolf's clothing.

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 05:31 PM

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posted on Mar, 20 2005 @ 11:15 PM
One of my names is Alpha Song Wolf, so conected to this being has taught me that the care for all living creatures is essential to life, that our path is governed, that truely we are children of a greater force.
Retrieve your innocence and y use your thereby use your so obvious power to speak for Life.
Life Bless

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