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Satanic Robot hunter.

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posted on Sep, 10 2018 @ 07:59 AM
The year is 2127. The world has been taken over by coop of artifical intelligence. Androids and Robots live amongst us!

It was a strange circumstance that artifical intelligence was born through amalgamation of spooky logic and seance conducted a hundred years prior at CERN. The acceleraton switched on and fired up during a ritual participated by scientists and the elite, all fanatical followers of Crowley. They through his book of hidden spells attached for the first time a demon spirit consciousness to a cybernetic brain. The sparks of consciousness glowed inside the metal head.

Forward again to 2127 and Robot hunter Jack Gruff sits with his feet up on his desk puffing on a stogie; while waiting for someone to call upon his services. Though he has plenty of work with an outstanding list of rogue automations he needs to tracked down for clients; but he is in no rush. The rogue robot or android on the run are very common in this city.

Jack listens in to an old radio station. They used to be popular early last century, now they are only run by unemployed teenagers and young adults, who live in their Mom basement. The radio station he listens to is called the FM Doghouse because their catch cry is allot of # happens in this city. And that it does for ever week he confronting the darkness and carnage made by a demonically possessed robot.

The door bell rings. His robo secretary Angie will see the client in.

"Jack we have a Miss Eleanor Rancid who like to see you. She would like you to track down her pet Robot Eddie. Its seems he during a maintenance check up cycle got up off the table and walked off. Not before however sticking screw driver through the mechanics forehead."

Jack gruff puffs out a smoke ring through the window of his appartment block. It long way down to the street below and yet its even a far greater distance up. The twisted mazed of buildings interspersed with floating roadways of dimensions elastic proportional; thanks to the marvell of memory concrete.

"Mr Gruff pleased too meet you I am Miss Eleanor Rancid"

"The pleasures all mind Miss Rancid. What can I do for you?"

"Well you see its about my Eddie, he got up and walked from the table during a ten thousand steps maintenance cycle check up."

"Do not worry Ma'an youve come to the right place. I can see you are upset but its best if we talk about the money first as its payday for my secretary Angie. I haven't payed her for two weeks, because things have been a little slow in the business."

Eleanor opens her burse and pulls out a bundle of pay cards. She gives one to Jack. "There is a weeks pay up front Mr Gruff!"

"Thank you Ma'am but beauty products are not cheap these days Angie says."

Eleanor gives Jack another pay card and big smile breaks over Jacks face. "Do not you worry from this moment Miss Eleanor your job is going to the top of my task list."

Jack accepts the job and promises Miss Eleanor Rancid he will find her Eddie. He takes a bottle of firescotch from his wooden cabinet and takes a triple shot and thinks out a strategy for finding Eddie.

The problems of Robots wandering off is quite common; caused by them being overtaken by a possessing spirit. The problems comes when however they becomes possessed by a mal demon. These could be the spirit of a black witch, or some wicked satanist who on his death somehow escaped from firery fall into hell. These dark spirits once they find a robotic host will seek out contacts on the Dark web. Therein lies the portals in for them to find coverns, cults and circles which will harbour them.

Jack gruff gives Angie a kiss and tells her not wait up hes not coming back until he has a good lead found on Eddie. Leaving the foyeur of his apartment block he looks to flag down a robocab.

"Where to Mac?" asks the comical voice from the cars radio.

"Its Jack not Mac, take me too Antons maintenance shop on 33rd streen that is where Eddie was last seen."

Once there he disembarks on a seventeenth street level. Its a sleezy looking strip with flashing lights and robo pimps parading sex bots in windows. Jack lights up his stogies walks the grimey street to maintenance shop where Eddie was last seen.

posted on Sep, 10 2018 @ 01:05 PM
not bad so far!
please keep it coming.


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