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The Dhamma Brothers

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posted on Jul, 11 2018 @ 04:34 PM
The Dhamma Brothers; is a documentary about an insight meditation program started at a prison in Alabama.

For those of you that political/social documentaries this may be right up your alley. Especially in the call for states rights when that conflicts with religious freedom especially where separation of church and state is involved.

Churches were first used as community centers as school was also taught there. As time progressed; these communities spread out... some state jails and prisons still cast a dark shadow or affront where separation or at least integration where inmates are held for various reasons.

Which means the state is trying to uphold it's own constitution above the federal which IS the law of the land.

the real poison arrow to be considered is the one spoken by mouths; to impressionable ears... else they start to carry or impersonate the character that has fed them such poison; think of Happy Gilmore Productions like Water Boy and how deeply affected by his momma the character was where more expanded or higher education meets shut in or Mom in love with her son that is better than that no good man she married mental complex, of making his entire life stunted only to serve HER interests. What he learned? I don't know as there hasn't been a part two...

Here is the link for the title:

that explores this topic of religious freedom where states claim Christianity as the ONLY law of the land; yet fail to see how many others self sacrifice for their families that as seen by the natives? Does not work as far as assimilation goes... in culture, creed or national origin is concerned. Many do not stop to think about that sort of thing; until face to face with discrimination... like whoa I forgot bigotry and ignorance existed until you reminded me... Gee; thanks for trying to unburden what was not yours to carry to begin with on me when it was not mine to bear for you either.

Best to let past stay past no matter how long or short that moment like breath may be.

Take care
please remember self compassion when keeping up the good fight where balance and equality is concerned; as justice does not need to swing any sword blindly when a lesson should already be learned. This is why State vs. a single representative exists; when all those "elected" fail to uphold the law of the land as the entire U.S. of A. expects them too.

BTW Bob Barker has a line of clothing donated to some states county inmate population; from all his years of service having passed away; heirs of his estate might want to take special care and consideration as to where and how those donations are being spread where such oppression is involved.

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