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A Simple Dream

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posted on May, 15 2018 @ 01:31 AM
While there may be many technologies hidden from the public for whatever reason, there is something that the law has been keeping from the U.S. population for far too long.

We now have the ability to (mostly) straighten our brains out through medication and rehabilitation.

We now have the ability to (mostly) heal our broken bodies through medication and rehabilitation.

I was raised in a videogame era, but my body and mind have taken a beating, (same as it ever was). Videogames allowed me to pass time, but they could also be inspirational.

It is for this reason that I propose a compromise. A perfect culmination of art, science, violence, and competition, all with safety in mind.

"The Mutant Football League" Inspired by the videogames, brought to life by mad scientists working together.

Average stats of players:

400 lbs
Sub 4 second 40
Joints of titanium
Plated skulls with a soft cushion interior

Just a suggestion, (possible plea), from a former football player that may have had too many knocks to the ol' noggin.

Obligatory Just Win Baby!
Obligatory Roll Tide!

Feel free to get creative with your feedback. Player names, stats, teams, stadiums, calling me an idiot. It doesn't matter, it's just nice to dream.

Also, sorry if this is not the proper place. Mods, feel free to move and scrutinize at your leisure.

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