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Awake while you were sleeping ?

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posted on Apr, 28 2018 @ 06:19 AM
*** Found on every server , worldwide 07/08/03 ***
.... in every language .

"12000 years to see the signs.
But with only 10 % working grey stuff ,
knowledge uptake can be slow to begin .
That dormant 90 % ,
is active during sleep .

Mostly unrecognised , reality is a web
that is entered unconsciously ., or consciously .
For most , ...while asleep .

Mind over matter is the matrix.
The human soul travels within the matrix :,

The matrix stretches into the future .

However , the down side is the
anonymity of the endeavour afforded
to the darkened soul .

The good/evil struggle has been ongoing for
the last 12 millennia .The time has come
to empower the army of Light.

The enlightened soul
can enter and navigate this automatic
timeless state ,
and use the gift for prosterity .

Technology can skip the gap , ushering in
.............. the world , reborn

Positive outcomes be initiated '
and physical presence attained.

Time travel within the mind .

Adepts will assume the leadership .

The Era of Light , will free mankind , and
lead to their incredible destiny .

Illumination coaching has been started
within the unseen .
... at first on the unconscious/ subconscious level.

As the awareness plan unfolds , you
will experience uncontrollable emotions,
including strong love and tolerance .
Charity .Respect. Joy .

Your character , and behaviour will change
for the better . (think, smart choices).

Ethics , justice and morality will return .

Society will undergo a quantum leap .

Your pride and awareness will return .

Your health will improve .

Your relationships
will become paramount to success .

Each successive generation will expand
and improve conscious capability .

Technology will advance exponentially .

The end game is to rapidly accelerate
technical expertise , to propel mankind
into the stellar community .

The future holds a great test ,
another close pass from a large , orbiting , celestial mountain ,

... and before that happens , you must
engineer your own escape .

Terrestrial conditions will render the surface
unsurvivable for thousands of years.

90 % of you will survive underground ,
10 % will pioneer the exodus , and explore the stars .

The future is here .
Welcome , peeps ... !


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posted on Apr, 28 2018 @ 07:00 AM
When I dream there I am awake here.
When I sleep here I am awoke there...

originally posted by: radarloveguy

90 % of you will survive underground ,
10 % will pioneer the exodus , and explore the stars .

I wonder if that happened to the Maya and other civilizations of distant past.
Some ascend or are ascended beyond the planet unexpectedly, some remain.
All associated to a natural/un-natural? event or events.
Interesting read radarloveguy

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