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kadmon chronicles...

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posted on Apr, 19 2018 @ 04:18 AM
intrigue lured my inexperienced self to inquire of the mystic's tree. now i can't escape the revelation which held the spheres together; spheres of the cábala.
i thought myself the fool when it became apparent that the grand architect had woven our stories so intricately into the craft of the supernatural.
it began with the circle... i asked, and kindly i received. i saw only what my curiosity wanted to believe, but not what the grand architect wanted me to see. he said that i should read the mystery of the circle back to him... so i did.
this: π aka pi aka 3.141...

the whole number three was my first revelation.
as a whole number... so too is the craft.
three represents the prison that is our "lands, seas, and skies", offered up for dominion.
the others are lesser numbers... they hint only at the lesser crafts which are not so lesser in the telling. pun intended.
one represents the "race" which will achieve dominion of the the lands, seas, and skies of the earth... pun intended.
i furthered my inquiry with such foolishness that i began to see the error(s) of my ways...
the four represents the craft of which i am estranged to. "government, politics, demands, and ethics".
there are eleven spheres which conclude the government, and exactly twenty and two charges which make up the whole agenda known as politics. i now see the thirty and three pieces of the cábala. the charges (politics) are split in two. twelve stellar realities and ten solar realities. they form the so called kelipoth (dark) aspect of succession. in curiosity i asked what kelipoth was and i received the manner in which it is revealed. pronunciation. i was now being taught. kelipoth is mispronounced. the correct pronunciation is "culpa". charges wrought against our own faults. responsibility is what our politics are about. who, if not god, would behold such righteousness. who, if not i, would assume the role of these calamities. i now longed to hear more... but instead it was time to give back. pun intended. i looked and beheld a man, upright. naked. and i heard a voice that asked what did i see... i saw a man, crowned and standing alone. naked.
i failed him... for it was revealed to me that he needed my help. and i failed to see he was there to help me. pun intended. the names of this mortal were seventy and two. this was revealed to me to be the seventy and two demands of the naked man.
lastly... there was ethics. they numbered in just three, and were present in the symbol of pi. Π two pillars and an arch. the first was left handed. a pillar of brute force, and with a pillar of gentle persuasion on the right, the column on the top was significant of the order established by the upright pillars. I thought it was more of a philosophy, but i was wrong.
the numbers keep going, and deeper and deeper do the roots of the mystic's tree lead. one may assume they rise as high as a tree. but i've yet to see.
the one represents the ordinance i can't escape.
it's called "economics" and i am then floored upon reality, be it bitter or better. the checkered floor and it's border and it's reality. or simply reality check. pun intended. this is how i pronounced malkuth. in spanish- "marqueta"... aka "market[place].
i linger in the market place, barefoot. i cannot take a stand and win. i am broke. pun intended.
know this... as a tree who delights in the sun and in the rains so too does a fool who stands still at the brightest and gloomiest of days. pun intended.
rising ever higher and higher in the false settings of a life. this is where the illuminatti comes in....
and this is when I take my leave...
farewell... i'm off to youtube to dig for Shenanigans and watchamacalits and thingamajigs. they will teach me only that "it is better them, than them."

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posted on Apr, 19 2018 @ 04:31 AM
a reply to: Pinocchio

I didn’t understand any of that !! Pun intended

posted on Apr, 19 2018 @ 04:35 AM
adam aka ancient design & accepted mandate

for as naked as naked can be...
here is how I asked god to help him...

regalia of the pure of heart...
because he was no bully, he received his cuffs...
because he was no coward, he received his sash...
because he was no thief, he received his gloves...
because he was no liar, he received his knots...
because he was no joker, he received his chain...
because he was no whore, he received his suit...
because he was not proud, he received his badge(s)...
because he no beggar, he received his hat...
because he was no drunkard, he received his vest...

because he was no traitor, he received his apron...
because he was not a bad don... he received his colors... and his race won.

He is free.... speculatively he took > Π and bowed the heavens and the earth. He rules with wisdom and an iron fist. all I get it to envy him.
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posted on Apr, 19 2018 @ 04:37 AM
a reply to: nofear39


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