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URS RPA (aka UAV) contract (Nellis, Creech, and others)

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posted on Mar, 12 2018 @ 08:58 PM
Linking to fbo dot gov is often messed up. Look for contract FA4890-16-R-0032 if this link doesn't work.
URS RPA contract

I've downloaded the whole package. (Some PDFs can't be read with Linux...grrr). Attachment N is interesting. It indicates the airbases and number of RPA available. RPAs are MQ-4 and MQ-1/9.

Attachment 14 has all you ever want to know about the tool shop in Guam.

TO 00A indicates Creech can operated 24 hours a day. Sorties last 12 hours.
TO 00B indicates Nellis has 4 to 6 weekend assignments. Sorties last 12 hours.

This is world wide, i.e. not exclusive to Nevada.


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