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Let's Have A Nuts And Bolts UFO Science Of Mind Technology Discussion

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posted on Feb, 24 2018 @ 05:04 AM
I recently started a discussion about UFO technology with the goal of discussing more of the technical detail of such Phenomena. An effort is being made in that thread to partition away from that discussion technology, science , equipment, and engineering in ufology that deals with the science of mind, as I think it can tend to slide the discussion away from a focused look at the technology that makes these exotic aerospace craft fly.

This, then, is the requisite bastard child of that thread that should help to allow that discussion to proceed in a less molested fashion, and hopefully can offer something to a technical discussion of the technology that relates to the science of mind as it pertains to ufology. There's plenty of great technical science and/or speculation on this end of the field for sure, so perhaps it's not so much a bastard as I jokingly suggest.

I'm not really looking to discuss psychology or philosophy here, I'm more interested in the nuts and bolts technology, science, engineering, and equipment associated with UFO's that deals with science of mind, though of course the waters will have to be a little muddier here for us to have a real discussion on the topic. The philosophy and psychology are a fairly integral part of the science of mind end of this field, so this line of thought as it relates to the topic is perfectly acceptable in this thread, provided it is in relation to actual physical equipment or effects and a technical discussion of such nuts and bolts equipment and technology.

Psychotronic black project or alien weaponry? Sure. Bring it. Quantum entangled AI supercomputers left over from ancient aliens or predecessor civilizations that got dug out of a diamond mine or something? Sure, I'm yah huckleberreh, as long as we are discussing the technology.

A general introduction and a few guidelines that I shall require of you:

Let's have a nuts and bolts UFO science of mind technology discussion. As a sometimes engineering student who's considered himself an engineer and scientist as long as he's understood the meaning of the words, I'm fascinated by discussions of what might make some of these storied technologies work. I get frustrated when nice squishy beefy UFO folk myths tend to wax philosophical/psychological/spiritual/occult, or spin off into the government distrust/control loop, or a combination of the two often.

Nothing wrong with those discussions, they have an important place in ufology as a topic in general I think. ATS does a great job of chopping these topics up and serving them out to us, and I am very pleased to have this wonderful learning resource at my disposal. The problem is a discussion of the technology tends to get lost in the shuffle.

Of course this is not always the case I wouldn't even try to argue that. I've come across plenty of great technical material to learn about here at ATS. Nevertheless, this aspect of ufology needs more attention. I will note a contention here that a sort of forum slide is occurring here in regards to this topic, whether intentional or otherwise. I'm certainly not accusing anyone specific of anything specific, not trying to have that argument, though undoubtedly that kind of activity does occur intentionally from time to time.

This owes naturally to the fact that the study of exotic unidentified craft often touches on the national secrets of nation states. Secrets must be kept, and though I suspect it is often a fool's errand, I don't make those rules, and, well, here we are. That being said, there is plenty of UFO related science of mind type technology that can be discussed. Let's move beyond this tendency to slide away from more technical discussions.

The intent of this thread then, is to start and continue more technical discussions and speculation into the nature of these craft as it relates to the science of mind. Please refrain from branching into a philosophical, occult, or ufology control loop type discussion. Please refrain from posting a lengthy reply arguing all of the reasons that you think I shouldn't narrow the discussion in this fashion. I want to be up front and say right now that I will alert all of these posts and ask for their removal. There are a thousand threads on this board discussing those aspects of ufology, this one's about the physical, nuts and bolts UFO technology related to the science of mind.

I have not started any occult, philosophical, or control loop type companion threads to this one because I feel that that is a topic that is already adequately discussed here at ATS.

Here is a link to the main UFO nuts and bolts thread, where I have started a discussion about the technology that makes these craft work:
ATS Thread-Let's Have A Nuts And Bolts UFO Discussion

I will also start an extra technical thread on the technology that makes these craft work where we can go full on science nerd with it and get as technical as we want. Yummy! That will also be linked here once it has been started.

Here we go then! Let's craft a fun read together. I think there's plenty of great technical speculation in regards to this topic, and I'm looking forward to discussing it. What do you think?
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posted on Feb, 24 2018 @ 05:12 AM
a reply to: TheBadCabbie

Please refrain from branching into a philosophical, occult, or ufology control loop type discussion

Says the guy who started this thread to promote his previous thread.

Poor form...

posted on Feb, 24 2018 @ 05:16 AM
Please contribute to the original thread located HERE



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