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Multiple UFOs spotted after possible sattelite crossover.

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posted on Jan, 8 2018 @ 10:21 PM
Before I start this thread I would like to say that everything I say is solid true to the best of my memory and the subjects and paragraphs explained to the best of my knowledge.

While there is so much explaining and different topics in one event and multiple happenings simultaneously that I would like to talk about also state my opinion and may even speculate as to why it was happening. I will keep on one thing with this thread and save the others for another to keep it organised.

I won't tolerate people who will try talk down what I say with the attempt at my mental stability and possible drug use as a way to blow off my statements. I won't give you the ammunition to keep the gun firing. I will attempt to visually depict by the use of writing, with as much detail as possible to paint a picture in your mind as you read this as I have no photo evidence and to not dis credit myself in the process. I don't have photo evidence because It was not my intention to prove to the world UFOs , strange sky phenomenon and anomalies but to watch and study for my own reasons and interests, but with all the build up in my head it needs to be put somewhere for others to read or relate to. I am pretty sure with enough people in the world to be able to discern the truth in articles written for people to read and that not all people can handle seeing what the mind cannot comprehend and what it can do to a humans mind. I'm not a story teller nor a creative writer but I seek truth in what meets the eye as I believe its our right to spread useful info to help each other as I know what its like and how it can diminish your beliefs and ones identity and also distort your reality with more questions then answers questioning life itself. And please keep previous said paragraphs for future reference as I keep posting in the near future, thank you.

Here goes nothing... I also searched online and here on ATS that night and the following weeks to nothing being said or posted.

As I usually do I come home from work and relax by myself and ponder on life's meanings, daily happenings and read after a hard days work as I love doing. Me and a person I was staying with talk about UFOs also sometimes his partner. I never really believed him only as I felt he was very vague about it and didn't have much insight as I thought someone would as that's enough to spike reaserch or even ponder in ones mind, so I held back on my opinions and speculations in fear it was baiting to put me down on my interests in the unknown as my family and everyone else knows my love for the unknown and and conspiracies and related, I never bite back as I have an understanding in why some people react that way when things get abit far fetched and "unexplainable" by what we were taught and conditioned in school and media.
But eventually I softened and spoke to him about the things going on in our skies as we were children we did have a rather big encounter of a translucent UFO but that's for another thread

So thats when it lead on and I went to the deep end and in thought if he knows this then he'd have an open mind about speculation of portals in our skies and stargates on the ground with my own theories wich lead to nothing but confusion to him, please bear in mind this again my own opinion and speculation on my experiences and study of my own.

This area he lived in I believed and found out is a hotspot for UFOs which explained the strangeness of people and certain events that has taken place in the past including myself. On the coming nights before this event we always spotted the odd ones as you could tell the difference between them. I used to joke to him that the odd "sattelites", the ones that are off track to the ones on to my memory from the websites are the ones geographically mapping out GPS coordinates for the coming of UFOs and spying on everyone to see if they are looking the other way as in orderly when the time comes and certain syructures in the sky are in place the portals would open and out come the ships as I would call them the spotters. To scan possible entry and make sure that things aren't out of place and its all done covertly enough as hidden in plane sight. And for the ones who see well... they're easily discredited, cant state them as ill be off the topic and I prefer to keep it to myself for a while longee., but in my opinion I do believe them but some are in denial and go into a fantasy of sorts and I do feel compassion for them though they shouldn't be treated like that.

With the following sightings each night, after one sattelite i'd say is a normal one a ufo would tail it from behind, then you would see from the western sky abouy 10pm aest. Would zip a big light accross dart with speed.. He'd full go in hysterics and make sure if I'm watching and id just smile and tell him to keep calm and just watch it including his partner, she's seen more then him but he usually denies but I think he just gets abit scared which is understandable. So following those events and staying true to the other accounts to the "spotters" and "scanners" about it what do you know.. he was right and it kind of correlated to what I was attempting to explain to him.

On the east side of the southern hemisphere I can't fully give the name of the constellations as its easier toe explain in shapes and its I don't feel the need to know every name of them but reference by what they look like. If you are let's say Sydney locality ( not exact location as I wish not to disclose location as I believe it could effect the wellbeing for other reason not because of the sightin) facing north on the north eastern of the sky past what I call the saucepan, a UFO cruising by. The light is faint but judging the size, dimmness of the light and projection it was within our atmosphere. As that happens just about maybe afew kms higher from the southern side one but bright goes by and a third zips quicker in to place, I can only put it as "parking" into one of the star constellation and stops there.

Now the following another same thing but on the western side and connects with another constellation and out comes a bigger UFO, much brighter pulsating out , from a possible maybe portal? I say protal as from now where it appears cruising straight after the dimmer smaller ufo parks into position like in formation to trigger something how or why i do not know, but i do beleive shapes stars and how thigs position mathematicaly and mechanicaly can trigger dimmensional jumping but i habnt fully gotten into those types of stuff. So I can only speculate and go on observation and behaviors. So it cruises then as it going into another constellation it dissapears. And to relate to the previous night the same location of the other star. one comesshooting from the triangle star group and crosses over the western sky to the eastern sky. It made me wonder if the electrical activity that night had anything to do with it and the quick cloud cover straight after with constant orb like lightining and distant booms in unicen. The whole time of it all and everything makes me wonder a lot of things. I am going to hold off here and finish it off

posted on Jan, 8 2018 @ 10:30 PM
a reply to: Translucentalitheia
I'm not stating or concluding all the UFOs came out of the portal but I do remember vividly that when all the others aligned In their position the brighter pulsating UFO came out as if from a portal of some sort but that is just me specualting and I'm happy to answer questions to elaborate on anything you ask for. The smaller UFOs that aligned position stayed there for afew days then they left I was only able to see one leave the rest gone. I am very aware of a couple possible reasons and scenarios and I'm open to discussion and debate. And even relate to other peoples experiences. I know it may not sound interesting but this stuff intrigues me like nothing else and would like to find other people with the same occurences or possibilities as to why. Because it seems people act strange when events like these happen also feeling abit off when having sightings too
I now put forward my first thread and open to discussing and further elaborating on this

Peace + light

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posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 12:18 AM
Are you an AI bot?

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 01:03 AM
a reply to: MissSmartypants

No aha?
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