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The Bilderberg Group - EXCERPT A Conspiracy for the World

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posted on Jan, 7 2018 @ 02:27 PM
The plan was devised by a Polish Freemason named Józef Retinger. Later, he then introduced the idea to Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, sometime in 1952. At this stage Retinger was working for MI6 British intelligence and acting as a commissionaire on behalf of the Rhodes secret society. The first conference was hosted by the prince two years later, held at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek Holland. The group gets its name from there. Bernhard was the head of the Black Nobility until his death in 2004. It was Bernhard that organised this private club/lobbying network for a select few internationally influential and aristocratic elites. Prince Bernhard was first chairman of the club for 20 years until 1975 when he was forced to step down because of the incriminating notes found in his hotel room indicating that the Prince had been taking bribes from Lockheed to get the Dutch government to buy Lockheed F-104 Starfighter Jets, which blew open the whole Lockheed bribery scandal and ultimately discredited Bernhard's reputation in the British press.

Tory MP Peter Carrington would chair the Steering Committee after the former SS officer was forced to resign. Lord Carrington and Prince Bernard were involved in Operation Market Garden during the liberation of the Netherlands towards the end of WW2. Some kind of deal was made between the two parties to throw the battle at Arnhem causing thousands of British paratroopers die, in order prolong the war, so Hitler and the rest of the Nazi hierarchy could scurry away while scampering their wealth out of Europe. The Bilderberg Hotel was chosen for the fact that it is located in the exact area where thousands of British paratroopers were massacred, this proves how much disrespect they have for the people of Britain and our ancestors.

There are between eighty to ninety influential and wealthy men from western-Europe and northern- America that are invited with temporary membership to attend the Bilderberg Association conference. They are all drawn from the highest levels of society. One-thirds are made up of politicians and officials mostly the NATO countries, the remaining two-thirds are from industry, finance, media, business and academia. It makes up roughly about 120-150 attendees. These members are the most powerful financiers in the whole of Europe. They meet in Europe once or sometimes twice a year. In America they meet once every two years to discuss the latest on world affairs, all under Chatham House Rules. The topics are organised on the principle of reaching an informal “off the record” consensus rather than a formal discussion. So you'll probably ask so what's wrong with that? Well, elected public officials are attending for a start. Now I couldn't care less if this private club wants to hold meetings but not while politicians are attending in their official capacity and tax payers are funding the private security for their secret meetings. All serving UK politicians should produce a detailed transcript on the topics discussed it’s a simple as that. The meetings are held in different Hotels, each time, usually over one weekend with the Hotel being taken over by private security at least a week prior to the conferences. It is then taken over a day before, with existing hotel guests being rushed out and specialized staff, caterers and waiters are brought in, while the national press and mainstream media are kept completely in the dark. The group held a press conference every year until 1975, coincidently the same year the Prince was forced to step down. Obviously, they soon realised the conference with journalists was going to be a necessity; it puts too many eyes on its members and meetings so they then stopped it.

During the meetings, the permanent chair of the Committee listen and take note on the views expressed by the guests, but if the invitees views don't match that with the ones of the Bilderberg or they break the Chatham House Rule they will never be invited back and sometimes they will find themselves being gradually removed from positions of power. However if the views expressed by the guests match theirs, then they may introduce those members back to the next meetings. Sometimes attendees are elevated into the highest positions of society or government if the Advisory Board deem it necessary. When this occurs those individuals are most likely from one of these secret societies or just politicians willing to favour the criminal elite of banksters, either way, they’re in it for a few. At the core the Bilderberg Association sits a chair of near permanent members. Members are split into three groups, the Steering Committee, the Advisory Board and the Honorary Secretaries-General. Bilderberg is governed by the Steering Committee under a chairman who is elected by the other members of the Committee. The chosen member is elected for a four year term and can be re-elected. The chairman acts as the operational planner for the Committee.

The Steering Committee also has a near permanent chair of members which can be referred to as the “outer circle”. The chair meet up at least once a year normally at the end of that year but sometimes just before, in the summer. The chairman of the International Steering Committee prepares the conference memorandum and determines a selection of conference participants with references from the rest of the standing committee’s members. The Executive Secretary and Honorary Secretaries-General of the committee both report directly to the chairman. The Honorary Secretaries-General is represented by its honorary chairman.

The invited members of the respected countries receive strict instructions from their fellow countrymen (who would be standing members of the International Steering Committee) to “play ball” with the banksters during the conference. The International Steering Committee during the annual meetings, plan for the next Association conference. It assess the views expressed by the association members from the latest meeting. We get a generalization of the topics on discussion but it is impossible to know in detail what has been said. Past meetings have been recorded and snippets of audio have even been released into to the public domain. Maybe for experimental reasons. Nowadays there no major decisions made at the Bilderberg conference.
It is pretty much impossible to tell where the Steering Committee will meet and the only way people can tell when they have, is when there's a subtle change on the Committees participant list on the Bilderberg web site. The International Steering Committee is currently chaired by illuminati member Henry Kissinger. Kissinger was chosen as Committee chairman for the group because over the last few years, David Rockefeller hasn't been turning up. The hospitality funding of the Bilderberg conference meetings is solely the responsibility of the Steering Committees members of the host country while over the long term, secret Rothschild & Rockefeller fortunes have been donated to the Committee meetings.
- EXCERPT - pp.86 A Conspiracy for the World

posted on Jan, 7 2018 @ 03:04 PM
a reply to: CHickMagNet5000

Fixing embed...

posted on Jan, 7 2018 @ 03:14 PM
a reply to: CHickMagNet5000

Why would it be ok for them to meet with some big oil tycoon who’s company is effected by his voting. then TAKE MILLUONS OF DOLLARS IN DONATIONS from him , but it’s not ok for them to go to a fancy smancy party with all the worlds super elite????

IMHO This is how they get us..

We ignore the blantant everyday corruption that’s in our faces and put all this time into researching and publicizing some “bigger fish conspiracy..”

Makes me wonder if the guy who put 200 hours into pizzagate might not have actually saved someone if he instead put it into his own neighborhood..

Then someone might notice the guy from 2 doors down is a little too touchy feely with his stepdaughter..

posted on Jan, 7 2018 @ 03:49 PM
this one is interresting !

Schmidt, Eric E. (USA), Executive Chairman, Alphabet Inc.

posted on Jan, 7 2018 @ 05:24 PM
why a bunch of threads about the same subject

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