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my observations: cryptocurrency, de-population, social/civil disruption, reproduction...

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posted on Jan, 5 2018 @ 01:09 AM
[Anyone making these observations? feel free to add perspective/thoughts. unfortunately my fam/friends dont see the unfolding. my brain's been clicking more as the dots connect, alarmingly faster each passing day. please ignore any political sounding statements... they're purely descriptive not declarative].

Digital Currency/RFID:
With "Bitcoin/all-digital currency/cryptos" or recently "FEDcoin" [that nice man Mr. Rothschield said hes going to help us by getting rid of "Bitcoin" by providing "fedcoin", so thoughtful and sweet of him]:

-if i have all my money/savings is in digital currency [and all of ours will be], when they claim "glitch", "error", or "hack", what happens when it goes missing? in the U.S. there are $21 trillion missing/stolen tax funds, you think they would even think twice to make your bank account disappear? THATS HOW THEY PLAN ON STARVING PEOPLE and #ing their loves over...oops your digital balance is gone sorry dont know what happened, or wiped/cut it off over a false or orchestrated reason...your gonna starve now or get yourself to a FEMA camp...where you will be put in a physical labor camp or executed. this is where i believe most people will die. and of course martial law will cause a exponential increase in all complications/difficulties [Obamas Executive/Martial Law Orders - I can post if asked]. nuclear war may not even be needed but could still be a catalyst to kick everything off.

-All-digital currency will not allow one to sit on cash like we can today. it will deter saving and encourage/force circulation or spending, leaving us less prepared and more compliant/dependent.

-only matter of time before they put an RFID chip in our body with GPS tracking .they will be itching to turn the chip for any reason or no reason some examples of excuses to steal/wipe $ from ones chip:
1.orchestrated fake "cyber terrorist attack from North Korea or Russia" stole your digital $, 2.hack/glitch in the system/cell phone so you've lost a ton if not ALL your $, 3.your google searches are "disruptive" or "treasonous" so now your chip turned off, 4.they can shutdown a protest/opposition/rally by turning off all chips within a vicinity/radius, 5.shut off will cause people defaulting on home loan/rent ruining credit very possibly eviction/foreclosure...6.really any reason they can think of in order to punish/kill you or get compliance...The more peoples chips they shut off,the more the gap between "rich elite" and the rest of the world grows from, so by ruining-starving-killing you they actually increase their value and eat more comfortably.

-I see all-digital $ + RFID as an obvious and blatant devastating tactic to massively de-populate, control, and manipulate.
-i dont know if you can, but i can feel how the agenda is accelerated.
-that Equa-Fax breach...they were collecting everyone Social Security #s for RFID chip implants
-if you are not in the criminal system yet, then they dont have your DNA through a conviction like many.
BUT now in California the police are allowed to take your DNA when warrant, no court order/appearance, no conviction, no judge can be INNOCENT yet they will have your DNA in the database...this will come to the other states as well.

Social Deconstruction [disguised as "Equality" pushed via social media/mob mentality/virtue signaling and "the left"]:
-This whole gay/trans movement pushed was not and accident/coincidence,it was a methodical attack on biological reproduction [initially i supported this gay/trans movement feeling its not for me and i should be supportive and non-prejudice of others needs]. If we all turn
gay/bi/trans tomorrow, what happens? human being cease to exist, because they cant reproduce [de-population]. So such a bio-unsustainable circumstance can NOT be held as a uniform condition of functionality, its behaviorally flawed for any species.
-they are even going after the kids, claiming 3 year olds have developed gender identity and need hormone blockers/manipulation as toddlers. they will never go through puberty, hormone blockers will cause permanent sterilization and de-population. legislation is being attempted to confiscate children from parents who refuse to put their toddlers under desired "gender re-assignment" at 3 years old. [comedian owen benjamin spoke out saying: 3 year olds are babies undeveloped in sexual identity not trans, hormone manipulation at age 3 is child abuse, and to let the baby grow making a conscious informed decision before getting sterilized for life without consent. he was immediately pulled off work, blacklisted from entertainment, and attacked on social media].
-Societal mis-led re-enforcement for abortions riding the "independent woman/feminist" coat tail, which is really glorifying extreme irresponsibility. [Yes its her body ans shes demonstrated poor judgment, should not be celebrating killing babies, depopulation].
-Societal mis-led re-enforcement of single parents particularly mothers. [children need both parents and boys especially fathers "the left/feminism" distorting reality of instability"].
-Dismantling of Family Unit/Weakening of men: an example of this is increased gay/bi marketing. Also in "rap music"...originating as a strong homophobic culture of alpha males has been morphed into male artists openly dressing feminine, acting feminine, and creating music about being gay/bi which was unheard of and has been increasing a lot.
-We all see the "sexual allegations" overflowing. They began with convicted men or men who had very strong cases/history against them. The conditioning shifted to programming the thoughts of guilt based solely on allegation with no proof or legal conviction/procedure. Goal being civil disruption between men and women attacking the relationship dynamic, creating mistrust, generating male/female alienation and conditioning dysfunction [seeing quotes like "if your a man your guilty automatically", "every male is a rapist", claimed false rape statistics, #metoo movement...all ultimately leading to depopulation].
-1st amendment attack. [forced speech]

-Overall push to end biological reproduction through social deconstruction of family/male-female dynamic by infertility via gender reassignment, sterilization of children via hormone blockers, sterilization through food/water/air containing toxins/additives. Birth will be in controlled laboratories only using artificial wombs and genetic manipulation technology. close population control [georgia guidestones].
-essentially: dont worry about sex in any capacity...your own sex...other peoples sex...or sex in will ultimately be irrelevant. its why they've added "no sex" or "non-sexual/binary" to school paperwork when registering children. "trans children" ideally sterilized ASAP.

[Due to how this agenda is decades old at least...I cant help but feel the elite have technology where: they can rewind the biological clock [x] amount of time, can pass consciousness to a new body, channel themselves after death through occult practices, or are not a standard biological human and instead have a way longer life span [either a different species or bio-tech altered]. this type of effort into global destruction/manipulation doesnt occur unless you have obtained some form immortality or have awareness of previous lives and are familiar with this agenda. because all the money/power is worthless if your dead at 80 years old].
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posted on Jan, 5 2018 @ 06:57 AM
a reply to: clfun12345

Just add a pinch of 5G and a dash of facial recognition to make your recipe even scarier !

posted on Jan, 5 2018 @ 10:12 AM
a reply to: clfun12345

And to make your thread more popular just mention Trump in the title.

Overall it’s a decent theory you have here, especially your ideas about very young children getting ops to change there gender. I’d never considered it from that angle before. On a side note smart phones have just about completely replaced the need for RFID implants. I know some company in Sweden promoted paying for goods with RFID implants but smart phones can do everything and much more than RFID chips can do.

It may be that the plan is to physically link people to their smart phones by having a SIM chip or similar implanted in case the smart phone was ever lost or stolen though...

posted on Jan, 5 2018 @ 11:26 AM
Most of money worldwide has been in digital or number form for decades.

posted on Jan, 6 2018 @ 05:13 PM
a reply to: clfun12345

Invest in as many top level cryptos as you can...and HODL.
Move to a politically / financially neutral and remote country in a mild climate...
... Invest in sustainable living materials...
...and wait out the coming storm...
the signs have been looming for decades...
you can make $ now and quit whining you know...
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posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 09:58 PM
a reply to: clfun12345

Regarding the ats post on the mark...remember...if crypto currency becomes part of the 'New Order'....then we'll need some thing that can't be lost...stolen...or replicated by anyone else... so that we can buy and sell with our crypto currency...who knows... maybe bitcoin and all the others are just 'shadows' of future realities...of course this involves the 'new one world religion...and (according to scripture) some very highly powered political folk... parts of the jigsaw perhaps? Might be a good idea to read the account of Noah and what God was so unhappy with, and praps what the Lord thought of the tower of Bavel or (babbel) as we call it and what prompted Him to do what happened as recorded.

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