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A Unified Endeavour/ A Letter To No One

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posted on Nov, 16 2017 @ 10:25 PM
They say that the world turns on a single edge that, once found, can be slipped over any which way that one would like. They call it Ether, and classify it as condensed possibility, but I just call it magic. THey say also that Ether must exist, they hold it up to be the primordial fuel, life essence itself.

Many have taken their words literally, seeking the world over for god knows what thinking only that they will somehow know it hen they see it. But I... I yet remain convinced that, even were they to find this edge, upon which the world turns... It would do them no good, rendering themselves completely impotent, slaves to this artifact, which grants them their every desire.

It is my belief, my duty, even; to seek this magic in words, for therein lies the path to understanding, and embodiment, albeit necessarily in a metaphysical fashion. No burden, this, for it is by belief that a man stands, it is through wisdom that a man may change. I will not attempt to sell up the merits that a linguistic approach will offer to the one engaged in the pursuit of transformation, so satisfied am I that they will attest to and for themselves.

You and I have oft been aquainted these past few years, such that I'm sure my ramblings will not disturb you. You have been indispensable to my continued "recovery", though you are a world away from me and in a life with many undue limitations of it's own, often engaging me in stories which were freeing, allowing us to communicate both the natures we felt so restrained by the time of life, as well as our increasing admiration for the other.

As such, it is my hope that you will join me on this adventure, which will surely take us through many magical realms, in search of that mystical element which grants us the power in life we have as storytellers on paper. I suspect it will not be much longer before others consider the realm of words perfectly suited to this endeavor, and as such a prompt reply would be most satisfactory.

As always, though forever it may be, our separation is an illusion. Meet in the middle?

~ LucidWarrior

posted on Nov, 16 2017 @ 10:47 PM
As air, water, fire, and earth exist ether must exist as well. Now if we can understand and accept the magic of all five working together we can make our stay on this planet much more worthwhile.

Thank you my friend for sharing this and for all of your writings here on ATS

posted on Nov, 16 2017 @ 10:57 PM
a reply to: LookingForABetterLife

Yes and thank you for providing a magic of your own, I noticed your houses thread and while I haven't finished yet I must say it was quite remarkable

posted on Nov, 16 2017 @ 11:01 PM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

Thank you as always and have a good evening.

posted on Nov, 17 2017 @ 12:27 AM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

Astounding insight.

Starbucks for coffee?

Ironically, I will be drinking hot chocolate. Coffee doesn't hit the palate quite right for my taste.

Extra whipped cream, of course.

posted on Nov, 17 2017 @ 12:41 AM
a reply to: CreationBro

It's funny, I never feel insightful- though I am more fond of that word than magic- so much as trying to remember or distinguish something familiar.

Starbucks it is! Glad you saw what I was going for. I only saw it after I wrote it, lol.

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