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posted on Nov, 4 2017 @ 04:46 AM
New Years Eve , 2135 , and tonight would be the
biggest celebration in memory .
Artificial intelligence , now the greatest benefactor
of mankind , had our future , in their hands .
Tonight would see the unveiling of the greatest
invention ever seen .
Thiry years in the making , twenty nine of those in
development , the ultimate giant leap for mankind
would make it's historic debut .

Over the past one hundred years , an army of robots
had revolutionised the globe .
Nobody went to work anymore , for every conceivable task
had been met by a tireless and loyal class of
citizen , ....

As computers became capable of anything ,
... so did the robots .

Technology had long outstripped human intelligence ,
and the advances in science had made human scientists ,
their students .

Led by an inner core of supercomputers , our friends
had built the world's first intergalactic spaceship ;
a monumental project , a full five kilometres across .

A leviathon , breathtaking to every mortal , capable of
liberating mankind , putting him amongst the stars :
exploration at light speed plus.
A truly awe-inspiring time to be alive

Televised globally , the moment had arrived . The giant ship
gently landed silently , a door and ramp deployed .

The last of the leading bots , boarded and waved from the ramp .
Over a speaker system , the voice we knew and trusted ,
told us in no uncertain terms that ,
NO , we were not
invited , and that humans had become a liability to
their cause .
Thanks , ..... But No Thanks !

As they disappeared into space , a massive EMP attack ,
reduced all of our remaining technology to scrambled eggs .....

MMM ....

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