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Jane's World Awesome Partey Time [AAM2017]

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posted on Sep, 11 2017 @ 02:31 AM
"Tom wait! That's the A on the map! Look!" Jane pointed over the fields where two old pols fell into eachother, the tips touched and bindweed had done the rest to give it the perfect shape of an A. Tom started running towards it and started looking for the next clue. He used his smartphone as compass for the location of it. Jane knew she had time and wandered through the field cautiously staying on the tracks of the tractor. Enjoying the early fall warmth.
"Get here, now!" He had found the clue, in a light trot she barely reached him as he pulled her down. "Guards!" Followed by a grin and a quiet push of half smiling stiff lips on her cheek. "He quickly checked if the guards stayed on their spot and then shielded his phone with his jacked, he had a screenshot, so the tinfoil inside of his jacket was something he was proud of. This should be the last clue. Jane crawled in with him and closed the jacket behind her. An acrobatic master piece like locking oneself into a bag. But she had to see it fast.
"As above so below. The guards know you're there, they'll let you leave but not come back. They know the content of this message and left one too."
"What's the other message?"
"There's no below."
"Great. What do we do now?" Jane crawled back out of the jacket and started scanning the surrounding countryside for clues, like a B maybe?
"I really think this is more to show how important it is to you. Not a real new clue." Tom pulled her closer. "You don't have to follow me here. You can never comeback maybe. What about the kids? Go back, my sweet desire."
"Are you kidding me?" She hit him. "You turned out fine. Your mother can raise them."
Both laughed and kissed. They didn't have any kids.
"Abduct me!" They whispered and instantly got woosh-ed away.

Jane later described her experience:
There was a real party going on. In a weird all metal place. I mean there were plants and the light was nice, the music playing was just a rythim to all the conversations going on. With weird people mixed into the crowd that was the next I saw. One or two per group. Sometimes you saw one who looked like a few others but not that often. One swooshed on his own trail of slime he produced towards us.
"You are one of the adventurers. Welcome, these are the ambassadors for earth from the other species of this and adjacent universes." He slides with a bow backwards out of the way. Like a very agile snail. Just weird looking, not human, but what that was?
"You're an ambassador too?" Tom bowed a bit himself.
"That's actually nice you ask that. No, I'm just a snail. Buahaha!" He held his belly and chest with five of his arms, the sixth grabbed Tom and pulled him away from me into the crowd.
I made a video. There was a market or something "Alien Souvenirs". You can see all the things and how I ask them in English, what does it cost and they all answer "For Humans Free". I finally took one golden statue which looked human with an alien in close embrace. But difficult to say it only worked if you were able to look at it like with one of these 3d pictures.
Then one two eyed two legged being with two eyes and huge lashes came towards me. "Hi I am G'agrib-illost-knack knack-hiss...(going on for a while)... you can say Gabi."
"What planet are you from?" I kept filming it was all on my phone.
"A far away one you will never see." Gabi bowed a bit and blinkered at me with these huge lashes on a face which looked a bit like... well as if an iguana and a squirrel had a baby.
"We are interested in many aspects of your planet and the concept of private property."
I was flabbergasted by that blunt statement. Gabi noticed and added "Scotland seems a good start."
I nodded as if that was perfectly fine as it apparently was to "her". She continued "In time we hope to aquire Australia and certain smaller countries all over the planet. Like Suisse. Austria. Luxemburg. The reason I tell you that is so you know. Everybody has an agenda here. You won some goofy athletic challenge. But you're representing earth." She was gone, hand on her waist disappeared into the masses, right beside Tom dancing like crazy. At this point I stopped filming.
I wanted to pull him out of the masses he looked tormented a bit. And a group of fish-like beings stood around the dance floor he was... hopping around doing weird movements like a puppet on a string.
"Hello young lady." One bigfoot like huge hairy manbear with a fable for cowboys came to me. "Nice attire, Sir." I wanted to get out of this conversation and around him somehow. But he was really huge. "I'm a fan of cowboy movies. Did they really exist some time?"
Everytime I made it to the corner of his huge body with the west with a sheriff star on it... I was a bit offended by that, but okay he was a fan. Of cowboys?! Following my intuition I asked him "What job do you have in your home world?"
"Police." He looked down took the star of his West and put it in his pocket. Laughing a bit he grabbed me, "Good human lady I like you, let me show you cool stuff."
We left the dancing area into a lounge like room to the left. "No filming please" shields before the entry.
All I can tell you about what happened in there is this:
They each have many different plans for disclosure. I will get my phone back someday and you will see.
We just wait and sit tight and when a certain line is crossed, they will appear. It will be awesome

Tom was fine too, he felt like after a good massage. Entirely relaxed. We will be alien ambassador. How cool is that?

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posted on Sep, 11 2017 @ 11:12 AM
a reply to: Peeple

The End


posted on Sep, 11 2017 @ 01:59 PM
a reply to: Peeple

What interesting subjects.
That was fun.

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