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posted on Aug, 27 2017 @ 11:28 AM
Staying off line when drunk is usually a good idea. I kinda regret it now, but this is a rant so hit the back button now or not.


Here in Australia cigarettes are getting taxed bad. A 100% increase in the past few years, now getting around $1 AUD per cigarette. The politician pushing this agenda has a similar uncomfortable an inappropriate laugh about it as Hillary Clinton did about Libya. Smoking has been around since we tamed fire, this does not change overnight. Probation of alcohol has its lessons.

Sure that the science is strong about the health impacts that smoking has. But giving up smoking will not make me immortal. With all this tax being paid I would like to think there is some medical accounting being made, but have not heard much about it.

Gay Marriage

In Australia there is a national postal vote going on about it. It is optional and will be coming up soon. I am all for self determination and with implications of population control there are some lowering trends if it passes.


Being surrounded by generals has it benefits. With the swamp draining project, JFK could of done with a bit more support watching his back.Most presidencies is a 8 year job, most trades have a 3 year learning curve in getting it together.


With the recent troop build up, supporting the rule of law is a good approach. The thin blue line is not black or white. The culture of abuse does need to stop now. A tomahawk into some of the aspects of Bohemian Grove is just as appropriate. Jeffery Epstein island could also do with similar treatment.

North Korea

Stop being a hater and give them a Mc Donalds. My ass is also on the line if things do get hot so grow up.

posted on Aug, 27 2017 @ 11:53 AM
a reply to: kwakakev


Tobacco came from the Americas. Not since we found fire.

Agree with your rant though!!

posted on Aug, 27 2017 @ 11:57 AM

All cultures have their own brews and like language it is an evolving process.

posted on Aug, 27 2017 @ 08:35 PM
a reply to: kwakakev

Hi, quitting amoking will not make you immortal...

Smoking will gurantee you put an additional strain on the health care system... i dont want to waste my tax dollars on your stupidity. 3 years smoke free. Dont like it, sign a contract stating you will pay for all of your inevitable treatment..

posted on Aug, 28 2017 @ 04:32 AM
a reply to: Aeshma

I know we are not immortal. So ideas that giving up smoking will save your life is a lie. It may extend your life and provide better gas exchange for the most part. It is more appropriate to take each case on its own merits as some smokers live long and other non smokers have an early exit. To find a pink set of lungs these days you do have to travel a fair way out of the city. I have quit at times with 3 years the longest.

There is also our self determination that is being affected. Having a smoke is a part of our ancestry and being. It is a part of who I am. To have this taken away raises all sorts of issues between the rights of the state and individual. Addiction, dependency, stress and emotional management is having all sorts of problems and implications with its rapidly growing financial burden.

It is is common for ex smokers to have a prejudice against smokers. I understand the mental fortitude it takes to give up smoking. To have this ongoing anti smoking campaign ramping up on the whole public at once does smell of the bitter and spite that happens between being a smoker and non smoker.

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