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One Way to Help Call Out the radicals on both side and disallow media to propagate.

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posted on Aug, 25 2017 @ 05:13 PM
Hello all. I'll keep it short and simple.

Concerning the riots and protests. If we want to help this country heal we need to legitimately call out the radicals on both sides. We can't do that with most of the media playing sides and claiming the other is the aggressor. I agree with Trumps statement on Charlottesville. Both sides have violent fringes that are taking over the conversation. Not only that, we need to make sure the police are liable for their actions. No matter what side you are on, abuse by police during these events is consistant. One thing we really need to do is, start getting areal footage of the events. Preferably stationary but in many locations. We can't allow sides to be played. We can't allow narratives to be falsely written. It shouldn't matter which side you are on.

It seems to me like the deep state is playing it's games. We need to organize better as NON-fringe elements of this "battle" for America.

Maybe this kind of footage exists, I haven't seen too much. Usually drones flying around and changing view when something subjectively more interesting comes around. We have too many blind spots in the way of culpability.

So if you are going to any of these events, regardless of your ability; try your best to record the event in a way that shows things CLEARLY.

I want to add. It's never easy, don't get disenfranchised! You have support, some times it's hard to see.
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