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Initiate z73892639 at 202758. Majestic pandora

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posted on Aug, 8 2017 @ 02:55 AM
"Wild Asian" playing the cards.
5h 45.6m +28.94°

ameAlain Aspect Field of InfluenceQuantum Theory Name Field of InfluenceQuantum Chemistry
Name David Baltimore Field of InfluenceVirology—HIV & Cancer Name Field of InfluenceComputer Programming
Name. Allen Bard Field of InfluenceElectrochemistry Name Field of InfluenceComputational Intelligence
Name Field of InfluenceComputer Science (WWW) Name Field of InfluenceMolecular Medicine
Name Field of InfluenceEvolutionary Biology Name Field of InfluenceImmunology—HIV
Name Dennis Bray Field of InfluenceMolecular Biology Name Field of InfluencePhysicist—Intel Corp.
Name Field of InfluenceBiology—Genetics Name Field of InfluenceDNA Chemist
Name Field of InfluenceGenetics & Cellular Biology Name Field of InfluenceDevelopmental Biology
Name Field of InfluenceEvolutionary Paleobiology Name34. Seiji Ogawa Field of InfluencefMRI Technology
Name Field of InfluenceCarbon Science Name35. Jeremiah Ostriker Field of InfluenceAstrophysics
Name Field of InfluenceNeuroscience Name Field of InfluenceMathematics & Physics
Name12. Ronald Evans Field of InfluenceMolecular Genetics Name37. Stanley Prusiner Field of InfluenceNeurodegeneration
Automatic trigger. Collect code final 50 deliver to ark.
Automatic trigger. Collect code SSX deliver to ark.
Name Field of InfluenceImmunology—HIV Name Field of InfluenceQuantum Chemistry
Name Field of InfluenceGenetics—RNAi Name39. Thomas Südhof Field of InfluenceNeurotransmission
Name Field of InfluenceBiotechnology Name40. Jack Szostak Field of InfluenceGenetics
Name16. Margaret Geller Field of InfluenceAstronomy Name Field of InfluenceNanotechnology
Name Field of InfluencePrimatologist Name Field of InfluenceQuantum Electronics
Name Field of InfluenceInflationary Cosmology Name43. Harold Varmus Field of InfluenceOncology
Name19. Lene Vestergaard Hau Field of InfluenceQuantum Physics Name44. Craig Venter Field of InfluenceHuman Genetics
Name Field of InfluencePhysics & Cosmology Name45. James Watson Field of InfluenceMolecular Biology—DNA
Name Field of InfluencePhysics—Higgs Boson Name Field of InfluenceTheoretical Physics
Name Field of InfluenceSystems Biology Name47. George Whitesides Field of InfluenceChemistry—Spectroscopy
Name23. Eric Kandel Field of InfluenceNeuroscience Name48. Edward Wilson Field of InfluenceBiology—Myrmecology
Name24. Andrew Knoll Field of InfluencePaleontology Name Field of InfluenceString Theory
Name Field of InfluenceFiber Optics Name name name

Collect team SSX. Collect final 50. Deliver to arkship at tongass chugach humboldt-toiyabe


posted on Aug, 8 2017 @ 03:13 AM
Thread closed.

OP can contact staff for further information.


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