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The Day the Fish Came Out 1967

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posted on May, 3 2017 @ 05:39 AM
I like to record off the wall movies to watch every now and then. This one, "The Day the Fish Came Out" is a good one. I don't know what to make of it. It's really bizarre. It's kind of like Dr. Strangelove meets Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. It combines lost nuclear weapons with beach-a-go-go.

About half way through the movie they discover a buried Greek statue and archaeologists show up. Electra Brown is played by Candice Bergen which I did not even know it was her because she's so young. She has to be nineteen or something. I was thinking at the time, "wow, that girl is really exciting." The movie just ends for no reason but it explains the title of the film. The only take away I got from the film is beware of hot blond archaeologists!

The reviews are pretty accurate:

YouTube video with not very good quality but here's the crazy little film:

Just after the 1:18 mark in the film shows one of the beach-a-go-go scenes. I don't know but for some reason watching this scene makes me smile.

After the local throws the plutonium into the local cistern, there's another beach-a-go-go scene at the 1:39 th minute. This movie is too cool for words.

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posted on May, 3 2017 @ 01:57 PM
You are rapidly becoming one of my favorite posters on ats!

ETA: yeah, Candace Bergen was HOT!
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