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Dreamers Timelines Aliens Secret Societies..My Thoughts

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posted on Apr, 18 2017 @ 08:31 PM
hi guys,
my name IS NOT IMPORTANT.I am writing these thoughts with the hope that they may one day make sense to someone out there..

thing is, i had an n.d.e//abduction experience back in 2001.i was 11 then.i have had a couple of years to contemplate on what happened back then.

The story begins like this .i was lying in bed nose bleeding or so it appears from the recollection of my memory..anyway i lived through the night as fate would have it ..

3 days later i had a near death experience that has over the years led to a lot of questions n contradictions to what many call truths ..all these have broken my spirit to live..i remember the moment when i looked down at my lifeless body as my light body soared high towards the heavens.i remember those precious moments looking at the earth from 5 dimensional space, this blue marble en-sheathed in milky bluish light.i remember vaguely traveling towards each of the planets almost as if instantaneously..i remember looking at the light flowing through time and space. i was like a fish swimming through water except this water was light.

i remember the checkered black and white patterns flashing from the top of this black diamond crystal//spaceship towards the apex ..the sudden acceleration of that thing whatever it was..once it got out of the suns magnetosphere the small points of light we call stars,then galaxies how quickly they converged into this dimensionless line of light.The feeling of being one with all..that timeless moment of invulnerability..where it is impossible to explain what was, is or to be come...then it was too much. next all i remember is being awake looking at the warm glow of the morning sun.

as far as i can tell it was not a dream i woke up looked at my blood soaked mattress and earthen floor..yeah i used to have a problem of chronic nose bleeding in my younger years.

i have always been very inquisitive ..even before my abduction..about the nature of life its origins,purpose,destiny..regardless of its form. animals especially chameleons how they changed their color to blend...

8 years later i met the internet ad started to read up on new age stuff,physics,religions,ancient cultures,secret societies*,ufos,aliens.. you name it.

i have a suspicion that i went to Aleph that night even though i fail to understand why they sent me back..was it a spiritual i caught up in some German Nazi experiment,E.T,angels N demons stuff..has anyone around here experienced telepathy..IS IT REAL OR jus synchronicity..

n'way it was a good experience that is now ruining my adult life..

i have a technical background and think am still a rational human being so these are my thoughts about a couple of post.
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posted on Apr, 18 2017 @ 08:55 PM
a reply to: fr33coll3ct1v3

To be honest, letting go of these topics to an extent and maintaining a level of uncertainty about conclusions youve made relating to these subjects is immensely helpful.

I guess what im saying is, dont think too much about it if its bothering you and if need be, talk to a trusted friend/family member and possibly a professional psychiatrist or psychologist as they can offer insight into your state of mind.

Im not saying youre wrong or that you werent abducted, i dont know, but it sounds like its bothering you so im offering some suggestions that i personally found to be helpful. Also, consider things like your diet and substance intake, if applicable. These suggestions, while seemingly mundane, are important to consider.
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posted on Apr, 18 2017 @ 09:06 PM
I think you're suffering from trying to make what you experienced coalesce with current world/life situations. It won't. The world operates with blinders. Makes it difficult for those who have removed theirs to function.

You basically have one of about three options.

1) Find others who have had similar experiences, they're out there, and develop bonds with them.

2) Place your experience aside and just "move on" with your life. Much easier said than done, but it can be done.

3) Accept the fact that you were fortunate enough to experience what few others have and testify to others with no expectations of how they should react.

The first option is probably the best, but all three are doable. I have had some pretty odd experiences myself and I have basically elected to do a combination of no. 2&3. It works for me, but I can't recommend it to everyone.

posted on Apr, 18 2017 @ 10:02 PM
So sorry this is consuming your thoughts.

I had a somewhat similar experience as a young mother thirty years ago but nothing since. It was quite alarming and has never totally left my thoughts but I did put it aside and have had nothing since. Some things we simply can't explain. At the time, I was a very religious practicing Christian-not so much now.

Try not to obsess and live in the present--that's all that really matters anyway.

If opportunities arise to share your experience, I would but be careful and to only those who have complete trust. People might see you as vulnerable and that would not be to your best interest. In all circumstances, protect yourself and your private experiences as they could be used to influence you which may not be in your best interest.

Best wishes and live a good life.

posted on Apr, 18 2017 @ 10:41 PM
time is malleable..or to put it simply manipulating Gravity fields manipulates the rate of time flow for that volume of space where the field is active.

gravity is a force independent of the characteristic/properties of the matter under its influence. gravity exists even without the presence of matter think about the vast distances between galaxies..we could say there are huge voids between galaxies same applies to atoms. apparently the nucleus accounts for 98% the mass of the atom..if gravity is proportional to mass.. does this mean that when heavier nucleons break apart some gravitational energy is released and if so where does this energy rush to?

suppose there was a simple method to generate a gradient within the existing gravity there a relation btwn the Coral Castle and the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

so Shinichi Seike built a Tachyonator and realized the sun was emitting this field he called the Feinberg field.. according to him Mica is good at blocking this field..pyramids in Mexico are lined with sheets of mica ..mmhhh maybe they are pistons to a space drive after all.

What happens when one feeds in high frequency high voltage spikes into a quadrupole magnet,even better what happens if one was to surround this powered quadrupole with a D.C solenoid along the vertical axis..perhaps one could go a step further build a stack of quads lets call it FODO RING so it rhymes with the science of the day..

perhaps the egyptian DJED is a fodo who knows..osiris is dead.maybe we turn the A vector into a gravitomagnetic field then we add the mica boooom..spaceship..perhaps

What's a free electron laser/wiggler ? did Ed Leedskalin build one.. did he really know the secrets of the pyramid builders. did the earth's magnetic field provide the bias dc field for his the great pyramids have a slant of roughly 52 deg..Ed liked his tripod at 52 deg..coincidence.

The earth is oblate the triangle inside or is a tetrahedron? has angle adding up to less than 180 deg..that is to say there is a ''takeout'' as Buckminster Fuller liked to call it.

So fuller was right about the Vector Equilibrium..then the new-agers put it inside the flower of life..the aborigines might be right about their ''dreamlines'' they can float there in the company of their ancestral figures ..that's if dreams are timeless..

The forbidden city..the Fu dogs the snail the dimesnsions of the city ..the knowledge is there i don't think its hidden.

Then there is that story of Merlin and how he moved the Sarsen stones according to one singing to them ..but he was enchanted by NIMUE lady of the sea or is it Diana.

Astr_ says they need dreamers that they found some black stone to help them read dreams..or maybe the German men of the black stone found it..the Aztecs revered Itzpapalotl of the Tzitzimime..obsidian butterfly or is it bat..Albretch Durer melancholia ..i love capentry n masonry too..the house n the stuff in it.

And jus to arouse more curiosity,who were the Tuathe D long did they live..did they emerge from Tomoanchan with the humans..

is there a book called Euchitin Apos Alanhor..did some one eyed dwarves build the Defense Installation near Death Valley Siberia..did you know siberia is one the places on this blue marble with a strong magnetic anomaly..maybe thats why the chondrites love that place.

Have you heard the legends about the dwarves building SKIDBLADNIR for freya or Light Swords..

I wonder if the gate of Midas is from this universe or the twin does it give credence to folklore..string games and lets suppose the Germans assembled the knowledge of the races..that they found Hyperbolea ..that those of the Vril have lived or live amongs't men of earth..

Ophion was a good musician..phaeton son of helios lost control of his fathers chariot n scorched the earth..Prometheus stole the fire of the Gods and gave it to his creation,when he made little man Athena was watching ..when the Olympians brought the gift for little man,only the goddesses knew its purpose.

The daughters of danu or is it at one point there was a war between the Vanir and the one point the Cyclopians gave the lightning bolt to Zeus and later Athena used it to restrain her sisters from the celestial sphere.

So in the old days there were Nagas,Asuras n Suras..

Who was Rama..why do the the Ramans do things in threes.Who was hanuman n why did he find many versions of himself while retrieving ramas ring.

Why are the inclusions of the pyramid stones red, black,white.who are the sirians ..what is a blue lodge and how far is the white lodge.

Was jesus a manasaputra .

What is a FOMORIAN.


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