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posted on Apr, 9 2017 @ 12:17 PM
One two three four five

How many senses am I holding up?

Asks the magician

as they pull a rabbit out from behind the hat

magican was already on their head

the rabbit was never wearing any

in one hole and out the other

a shadow of the mind

a past leapt behind

in a mind you will find

all one isn't hunting for all that is

that's showbiz

when the cards are on the table

a royal flush of hearts diamonds and good luck when it turns up spades

in the hole out of the hole

as the rabbit grinds the curds

and a scale balances one suit too many

the ego amigo tis not a flamingo

but a flaccid domingo of a dingo

of a mental placebo in the way

a day of say is a day away

when silence bears oo much fruit to pick

the mouths never seem to grow hungry

as the ears in the field get to shucking

on a loving spoonful the mouth gets to sucking

avoid the void for something so full

as desire is always later to come up empty

a speak and spell it out

the mind moves with the sound not one's own

in such winds are they bitter cold

as the rays shine on the night bears reflection

on a pillow of dust yet another rabbit grinds away

molars from polars as they bear does it stick

to the gums or or go over the valley and through the woods

a grandmother found a cupboard of web we weave

and the spider that used to sit beside her

was under a rump a stilt or a ken

in that old howling den

when oh when will this rhyming ever end

a sin for a din a dent for repent

a past for recitence

a blast for recompense

a fence for in and out

a gate for scream and shout

it's out the stain when it leaves a mass called the brain

as it eats and eats and eats

as a heart beats and beats and beets

red as a tide of tiny dead brine

in the deep it all sleeps as the sway is in the way

it moves and behooves please don't make me choose

for consent doesn't cost a dime when it moves all the time

a sniff and a snuff with a sneeze to rebuff

the table with a pledge and lemony speaks parsimony

when no money is changed not from a bill not from a dollar

but all that swims polluted in squalor of plastic

fantastic evolve from our devolve in a revolve

time will solve a puzzle and a wuzzle

a muzzle for the mouth as teeth sink so deep

a drain is a plane as it swirls on down in a clock like fashion

left or right meets in the middle up top and down under

what a mystical blunder as the zzz's come on out

for a mythical slumber

as the logs sawn provide the lumber

for a town all brown what goes up can sometimes float

as a body is bloat as an eye casts a moat

to keep things from across in a hex

flipping decks

as the cranes crane a neck

twisted like flamingoes all pink like gum

sore isn't the hammer when it hits a thumb

Tom isn't a cat when Jerry sells tha s'cream

far off shore in a land before time.

There when the rhyme...

thanks for the cents in the form of comment

one will do instead of the regular two...

if none are left that doesn't mean it isn't right

fare thee well sorry if you fell in.


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