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Roger Stone claims Kushner is leaking info to MSNBC

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posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 05:10 PM

Here’s the new bombshell…

Roger Stone claimed Tuesday that Jared Kushner, senior adviser and son-in-law to President Trump, is leaking information to MSNBC in order to hurt White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.


Keep in mind, unnamed sources have told Stone that Jared Kusher is sending text messages to “Morning Joe” co-host, Joe Scarborough.

“Sources tell me the president’s son-in-law enjoys a very lively text exchange with Joe Scarborough, and that Scarborough’s repeated attacks on Steve Bannon, not to mention some of these attacks on the president, clearly are being manipulated by Jared Kushner,” Stone said.

“Any criticisms I have of the Trump administration, or any member thereof… are meant to be constructive, not destructive. But in this case, Joe Scarborough is no friend of the president, he revels in passing fake news.”

Stone went on to say that Kushner was particularly dangerous for the Trump administration because, as the husband of First Daughter Ivanka Trump, he’s “perhaps the one presidential aide who cannot be fired.”

Stone is accusing Kushner of feeding “lies and intel” to Scarborough, for the purpose of targeting anti-globalists and his former rivals. Sounds kind of weird to me, but the source itself, is also weird.

Stone said the revelation is just the latest in an ongoing behind-the-scenes battle going on in the White House between the establishment wing and the "diminished true believers."

Not much more to the story. We can only speculate why Kushner would want to do such a thing. If true, could Ivanka be involved? What motive would she have to betray her father and the administration? At this point, it's hard to tell up from down.

I guess we’ll have to be patient.

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posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 05:31 PM
a reply to: eisegesis

Chances are is that the deep state has pic of Kushner and has threatened him with others ...Its sad to think that this could actually be going on but hey its the USA .

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posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 05:33 PM
a reply to: eisegesis

Maybe Trump himself wants Bannon out of much baggage maybe, maybe too many hissys even.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 05:34 PM
Maybe Kushner isn't all that bad.

Bannon is one of the main reasons I could never support the Trump admin, along with Jeff Sessions.

ETA: But then again, maybe that's what I'm supposed to think. It is infowars, after all.
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posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 05:35 PM
a reply to: smurfy

Well didn't Bannon called for war against China? If I were Trump, I would be very nervous about him.
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posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 06:18 PM
First of all, blood is thicker than water.
Secondly, it took some time to get a complete dossier on " Race Bannon " as much of it is classified.
Thirdly, it is rumored by trustworthy sources in the IC that his policies run contrary to those of the POTUS.
He could very well be the definitive "Ace of Spades"

He has what I would consider a " Gray Suit " like mentality.
You have my permission to put that in a 302.


posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 06:24 PM
a reply to: eisegesis

Not buyin it. Classic divide and conquer strategy. Wasn't Roger Stone beating his chest recently about close contact with wikileaks... Before Julian Assange spoke out that it wasn't true?

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 06:35 PM

originally posted by: starwarsisreal
a reply to: smurfy

Well didn't Bannon called for war against China? If I were Trump, I would be very nervous about him.

There's plenty of info about Bannon, and you're right, be very afraid.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 07:05 PM
The Trump WH is in chaos. Kushner is only one of many leaking.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 07:18 PM
a reply to: Mike.Ockizard

Okay I'm not a Trump fan but Bannon is a strong supporter of the Military Industrial Complex and called for war against China.

He is a liability to many people.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 07:19 PM
Good get Kushner the hell out of the way he's a son in law when it comes to this! kushner is more of a liability. I highly doubt this is true because it would force trump to distance himself from kushner and it would probably force trumps daughter to dump his backstabbing arse if true

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 07:20 PM
Well, following the money lead me to an interesting place and caused me to have all sorts of crazy conspiracy thoughts. Anyone else care to entertain the idea that Soros has Kushner in his back pocket?

George Soros Backed Jared Kushner Venture Cadre With $250 Million

It turns out that George Soros is the money behind a new real estate venture called Cadre which was founded by Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner and his brother Joshua Kushner.

The Real Deal has uncovered the fact that George Soros was the man who provided Cadre with a $259 million line of credit. A source told the publication, “Soros has had a long and productive relationship with the Kushner family.”

And the motive for Soros to latch onto and infiltrate Trump's administration? Immigration reform.

In other George Soros news, The Irish Times is reporting that the 86 year old is now in an all out war with Hungary’s leader Viktor Orban over the latter’s attempts to limit immigration and safe haven for refugees in his country. Ironically, Orban once benefited from a scholarship provided by the Soros Foundation. George Soros was born in Hungary.

As a Holocaust survivor, Soros is especially sensitive to the plight of refugees around the world, something which can hardly be said about Hungary’s current government.

Viktor Orban built a new border fence to keep people out of Hungary just as Donald Trump would like to build a wall along America’s border with Mexico. Orban is, of course, a fan of Donald Trump while George Soros has condemned both men for their immigration policies. Orban has been accused of copying Vladimir Putin by attempting to subvert Hungarian democracy and make himself into a dictator. This is something which Soros fears Donald Trump wishes to do.

For all these reasons, George Soros sees Donald Trump as another Viktor Orban.

Orban has accused George Soros of using the Soros financed NGO Open Society Initiative for Europe to destabilize his regime. Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told The Irish Times, “Soros calls himself Viktor Orban’s opposition, and announces that he is engaged in a campaign with a view to altering the internal political scene in Hungary. This is something that must be duly evaluated in the national security committee.”

If what has happened in Hungary in recent years really is a template for what Donald Trump might try to do in America, then George Soros is certainly ready to fight against this.

It appears that Soros has invested in both sides of the politcal spectrum in order to remain influential, regardless of the winner. Again, this is only speculation, but considering the way that Soros feels about Trump and his policies, he would need a close insider if he was going to be successful in manipulating the administration.

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posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 07:23 PM
Stone has been wrong many times before.

I really don't believe he has any sources he just seeks the spot light.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 11:16 PM
a reply to: eisegesis

It would be hilarious if true but somehow I think it's more made up crap by Roger Stone. There are a lot of anti-Semites in Trumps circle. Bannon and Stone are probably not happy with Trump creating a title for his son in law.

posted on Apr, 5 2017 @ 07:10 AM
a reply to: starwarsisreal

What's that got to do with the OP?

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