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Arson Wildfire Aftermath Video 2017

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posted on Mar, 27 2017 @ 10:34 AM

In late 2016 Ski Mountain Gatlinburg, Tennessee was devastated by an arson wildfire started by teenagers. 14 people were killed in the fire and many many more were injured. The fire was under-reported by the media in my opinion and the severity of the fire is unknown to many.

It was surprising to see just how bad the fires hit Chalet Village, a cabin community on Ski Mountain. Someone left behind a late model motorcycle that had the wheels removed. You can see in the video that it appears to be in decent condition, minus the wheels. I suppose it was an insurance claim and was abandoned as the people left.

A lot of the rubble and debris has been cleaned, but the skeletons of the burned out cabins litter the mountainside. Almost every cabin on this part of the mountain was a total loss and the only thing that remains are ghostly foundations. Over 2,300 structures were lost in the fire.

If you are taking a vacation this year, I hope you'll consider visiting us here in the Smoky Mountains.
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