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The Bitterness Of Bullying

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posted on Mar, 27 2017 @ 06:48 AM
The answer came in a phone call from Tokyo. Not what I was expecting, but what ever is?

There is a proposed cycleway in Durham, North East England, that has been blocked by one farming family.

HALF-A-MILLION pounds of Lottery cash secured following a TV vote could be lost to the region amid an entrenched legal wrangle. Transport charity Sustrans won £500,000 towards reopening Durham’s spectacular Belmont Viaduct as a cycleway and footpath after a public vote on ITV’s People’s Millions contest. But project costs rocketed by nearly £1m and Durham County Council has put the scheme on hold after failing to resolve crucial land rights issues.

There are structural problems, but not insurmountable for use as a cycleway. Oppostion by one family has stopped the cycleway being created. Cyclists from the Belmont/Carrville area will be killed on the road eventually while commuting into Durham. It's inevitable.

Not wishing to name names but here it is at 2:42.

I was warned in the mid seventies not to trespass on their land because they would chase me. Now, all these years later they have chased me off the viaduct, and gathered up the mysteriously cut down trees to block the hole in the security fence. I had to cut my way through the pile of trees last time I went there.

Obviously there are concerns it could become a fashionable suicide spot. Here's a report of problems at another Durham viaduct.

"We've lived here all our lives and, now and then, we get asked to bring the bodies out and it's devastating,"

I'm proposing a series of prefabricated cages to be bolted together. This would give a safer way for cyclists and walkers to cross the viaduct. Suicides would have to be determined to climb around well designed fences. I've been almost impaled on top of the existing fence, I won't try going over it again. The suicides will be guarded against.

The obvious bitterness the farming family on the Carrville side of the viaduct feel towards the viaduct has finally been explained to me. It's simple.

A long time ago, possibly 1940's or even earlier, the boy who would become the farmer was bullied by the boys who would become miners. Working underground and not seeing daylight in the winter months was a great hardship. The mining boys seriously envied the farmer's son who would be toiling in the open air.

I had though assault by poachers may have been the reason for the long held bitterness. Being honest I have to admit I crossed the viaduct as a fifteen year old poacher. Some of the poachers I knew would go to an elevated vantage point. Discuss up to date information on the game in the area. Then plan a hunting expedition that had no concern for land ownership. Sometimes the farmers would come out and fire their shotguns off into the air but they'd never oppose that particular bunch of lads. The British Rail Police would chase us off the railway line but that was about it. Now with my farming experience I understand how objectionable that was to the farmers.

As it turns out it was childhood bullying that led to this long held bitterness. The viaduct is hated by this farming family because it represents the local mining industry. Mining lads bullied the farmers son and now all these years later we are deprived of a safer cycle route into Durham. Cyclists will die on the road. This is the long term effect of bullying.

A solution has to be found. Lives will be lost on the road and that is not acceptable.
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posted on Mar, 27 2017 @ 07:18 AM
a reply to: Kester

Never seen this viaduct in RL, closest i have been is probably Causey Arch. All these viaducts should be protected in my opinion purely for the architecture and history. These things are beautiful.

Suicide Hot Spot? anything with height has the potential of being a suicide hotspot so that argument does not cut it for me, the solution proposed (cages) is a good one and probably cost effective as well. Health and Safety gone mad here, just because it is high doesn't mean we'll see a sudden influx of jumpers ffs, almost reminds me of councils banning hanging flower pots in case one fell down onto someones head!!!! Litigation risk? or some weird beard getting a hard on telling people what is best for them as they know best!

Bullying back in the 40's? sorry, i can't buy that one either unless this farmer is now a complete psycho. I was bullied as a kid back in the 60's ...... do i hold a grudge? nope.

ETA and PS ........ where does the phone call from Tokyo fit into the OP? don't understand that one

Hope it all gets resolved and the viaduct gets opened as planned.

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posted on Mar, 27 2017 @ 12:14 PM
a reply to: Kester
As I put before, I think your County Councillors are wusses. If they so wanted the could (quite legally) enforce a Compulsory Purchase Order on ANY land that they want if it's for the good of the public. Which this is. Please look up CPOs.
Just look how they are going through great swathes of countryside for the HS2. That's CPOs.
The landowner CANNOT stop this procedure and he only has to be offered the going rate for the land, so he can't ask a ridiculous figure to make it impossible to buy.
That is really what all the forore about HS2, the landowners want more than the going rate. So all these people demonstrating, with the help of the landowners, will find out that when the landowners are offered what they want their objections will disappear like snow in the sun.

posted on Mar, 27 2017 @ 12:42 PM
a reply to: corblimeyguvnor

phone call from Tokyo

The information came from a Durham lad long residing in Tokyo. I can take a guess at who told him, they would be sons or grandsons of the miners.

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