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Black Sheep Blood Red

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posted on Mar, 18 2017 @ 08:37 AM
There are sheep and there are goats, yet all are within the same fence.

Free will isn't quite what we think. Everybody follows something else. How can you follow yourself?

Now I speak to the sheep: I am one of you. But you acted like the goats; driving me to the corner, using the space you were given to imprison me.

On two sides, fence; the other two, sheep.

The fence is less likely to judge me, so I jump the fence.

You forced my freedom.

This black sheep has roamed the wilderness. I have seen, and become, what you fear.

During my travels, wouldn't you know, I met a shepherd! And he inquired, "Little black sheep, wherefore art thou astray?"

I explained, "Pastor, your pasture, wherein was I born; it is my home. However, my brothers and sisters, who adopted me when you took me in, pushed me out. They did not approve of my speech. They didn't believe there was anything yet to learn. They pushed me into the corner, saying, 'You're black; not white. You're impure. Your talents and your speech, like which we have never heard, these are an offence to us. The young sheep are being confused. Therefore, because of your offence, then stay at the fence.'

That is why I went over the fence, for facing them seemed worse, and my sins seemed minor compared with the grief they inflicted upon me. I never spoke a word against you, neither anything which should contradict you; except that when I spoke my emotions, they seemed to be my own. In fact, I was surprised to find that they seemed offended by what you say; because what else could I say?"

The shepherd only listened.

Then I asked, "My only question, Lord: can you make black to become blood-red?"

He responded, "Only if I am able to make white to become blood-red."

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