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posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 10:25 AM
" First of Mars, 2017.. " click* the recorder was shut off..The Doctor looked through the see through window and saw the primitive troglodyte have been fecal smearing on the padded walls in the cold white observational room.. They found the troglodyte a cousin to our own specie in the Russian forests close to Siberia in a cavern..and He was alone..

He had been a research subject in the military facilities for over five years, some days he looked just like a human, and other days no more than a wild animal..The doctor found comfort when the troglodyte behaved as animal, fecal smearing, and screaming like an animal in a cage.. The thing that separated the troglodytes from the human specie was simple expressions and words..

They gave the troglodyte a doll once, and after three weeks they took it away, just to see how it reacted.. It was a lower specie than a human, it was just a research subject and you cant have feelings for an animal..

The troglodyte was covered in his own feces, and while looking at the doctor, he showed his teeth just like a chimpanzee or more called a fear grin, and the doctor smiled from ear to ear.. He was safe behind the window, he knew this animal couldnt touch him..

The troglodyte walked away on all four to the corner and starting picking up the feces, and smeared his face with it while looking at the doctor.. The doctor looked calm, this is how an animal behaves in the wild, nothing that resembles a human conscious.. The troglodyte walked up to the window and looked the doctor in the eyes without any expressions.. The doctor sneered..

Within a second, the windows was smashed and the troglodyte smeared in feces stood over the doctor, the strength of the troglodyte was nothing a human could be compared to.. The troglodyte took a sniff and the doctor feared his life, laid quiet and didnt move..
The troglodyte made a sound;" Hhhhh....hhh..Hooman " and smiled from ear to ear just like a human would..

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