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EM field and the pineal gland

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posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 10:04 AM

EM field and the pineal gland

I was looking through some material about pilots reporting anomalies in their logs. You know, lost time, electromagnetic disturbances...etc. And I came upon this one:

A mask was made which held the North pole end of a long cylindrical magnet over the pineal gland. The purpose was to stimulate the gland and see if there was anything to this ‘third eye‘ business. Exposure was in the range of 10-30 minutes per day over a period of about 4 weeks.
Within the first week, he was sitting at his desk reading documents when he noticed something move out of the corner of his eye. As he looked up, the ghostly figure of a man had walked through one wall, moved across the room and disappeared through another wall. The figure was totally unaware of Walter. Further exposures to this North pole field took place over a second and third week.
The second week, the same ghostly figure moved through the room and glanced toward Walter as he passed through. This time, the figure appeared to have slightly more detail, not quite so ghostly.
The third week, while busy working on documents, Walter noticed a change in the room. When he looked up, the wall had dissolved away and he was looking at a small hill where a man and woman sat beneath a tree. It was the same ghostly male figure who he had seen on the other occasions. He sat quit still, watching this pastoral scene for several minutes.
The man looked over toward Walter and appeared startled. It was as if he clearly SAW Walter this time and possibly recognized Walter as the ghost that he had seen the previous week! The image faded away and the wall restored to its normal condition. From that moment on, Walter never used the pineal stimulator again. more freaky stuff

So, I looked it up (rTMS) and found that there is interest in using magnets (sort of) to activate, or more accurately, regulate the pineal gland. It is being tested for a variety of things, depression, epilepsy, eating disorders, among others .

Objective In this study, repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) and its specific use for treating epilepsy were carefully scrutinized. Materials & Methods Target researches such as review articles, case reports, books and theses, which had to do with therapeutic method of rTMS were surveyed. It is worth mentioning that until the final stages, the search for records and documents related to rTMS went on and in the end, the collected data underwent a qualitative analysis. Results As the literature review suggests, TMS principally applies electromagnetic induction to generate an electric current inside the brain without physical contact. The therapeutic uses of rTMS are for a wide range of mental disorders, namely epilepsy, chronic pains, motor disorders and so on. Conclusion Despite safety concerns and possible side effects, many researchers subscribe to rTMS and see a bright future for it. list of studies

I know, I am showing two very different sides of this coin. One being a very "far out there" story and the other being a controlled study. I guess what I want to learn/understand a bit better is the effects of the electromagnetic field on us, and the role (if any) that the pineal gland plays.

What we know/have discovered:

The pineal gland receives more blood to it than the heart or any other organ with the exception of the kidneys. It is isolated from the blood brain barrier system along with 3 other parts of the brain: The pituitary gland, the median eminence of the hypothalamus, and the area postrema. These other areas are responsible for secreting hormones and detecting toxins within the blood stream.

The pineal gland produces melatonin from the neurotransmitter serotonin. It controls the sleep cycles by releasing melatonin 90 minutes after we fall to sleep. It also helps us to recognize how long to sleep. So, it produces melatonin and regulates sleep cycles. That is what's known for sure.

(A very specific yet random pic of...a hand)

What a couple ancient philosophers thought:

Iamblichus, when writing the life of Pythagoras, referenced the idea that Pythagoras believed the pineal gland to be the eye of the soul:

To which we may add, that all such disciplines, theories, and scientific investigations, as truly invigorate the eye of the soul, and purify the intellect from the blindness introduced by studies of a different kind, so as to enable it to perceive the true principles and causes of the universe, were unfolded ! y Pythagoras to the Greeks. Life of Pythgoras pdf

Descartes referred to it as the seat of the soul. Or thought that it was the place that held animal spirits:

As for those particles of the blood which penetrate up to the brain, they function not only to nourish it and enter its substance, but more primarily to produce there a certain very wind, or rather a very lively and pure flame, that one terms the animal spirits. It is necessary to understand that the arteries which bring the blood from the heart, after being divided into an infinity of small branches and composing the fine tissues which are extended like tapestries at the base of the ventricles of the brain, are reassembled around a specific little gland, situated near the middle of the substance of the brain [the pineal gland]

Anyhow, I guess my questions are...Is there any validity to the rTMS studies and what are your thoughts regarding using this to treat some of the modern day disorders? Also, what about the guy who used a magnet on his head, does his story hold any weight? (no, I'm not trying

Maybe some of you have experience with this stuff. I know it has been around for awhile, the third eye part, but the ongoing studies and potential uses for disorders I wasn't aware of.

Thanks for reading,

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posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 10:19 AM
I have read in various books on astral projecting, etc, to turn off all electronics near you as the EM field messes with the "ability". But If that is true, I would think it could possibly be used both ways maybe, depending on strength of the field, etc? Neat stuff either way.

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 10:41 AM
a reply to: blend57

Cool thread... I always jump at the chance to type thoughts on these matters, because I feel there is way more science in these areas, then there is science fiction.

I will first include a home experiment all can try to show how environment can affect our magnetic strength: a jar of natural honey and a can of raid or bug killer type chemical are needed to do this. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, tuck dominant arms elbow to side and hold that hand forward and facing up. Use the non dominant hand to hold one item at a time against the heart. 1st, using the Raid being held against the heart... have another person apply downward pressure on the hand being held out. The test is to compare one's strength against being pushed down... Raid and compared to a natural substance. I have yet to witness a person have a stronger foundation that is holding the Raid as compared to the Honey... it's quite an eye opening experiment.

I can't speak for others, but I have been exercising the Pineal Gland de-calcification methods for quite some time now. The level of awareness I take from dreams as compared to times past is what keeps me going... and with those awareness aspects come, for me at least, in an overall balanced and healthy mind set. I come from a family history of Bipolar disorder, and often thought it was a matter of time before the head doctors signed me up for the pill program as well. I can't tell you the last time I have been to the doctor... and often times feel as if my craziness is healthier then what is practiced mentally by the masses. I feel expedition and creation is like exercising the mind... I gave up trying to adapt to a world of complacency... choose to live in my mind and dreams instead.

In getting back to the point, there is one method of de-calcification I will bring up for debate... or maybe someone will have further thoughts on mine, and expand. Throughout the years, I have had full control of a set of inner ear muscles, called Tensor Tympani. Through an action in the head, kind of like clenching abdominal muscles, the flexing of these muscles creates a vibrating tension... and results in what feels and sounds like a low rumbling earthquake within the middle of the head (Pineal Gland) area.

Before I took notice of this muscle exercising possibly relating to Pineal Gland function, it was quite hard to control... I often had to squeeze my eyes shut really hard to activate vibration. But now, all I have to do is close my eyes and maybe tweak jaw muscles a bit. On days I am feeling sensitive or overly emotional, it actually just vibrates on its own with no efforts needed.

I will not conclude what I feel is going on with this muscle set here, but I mention it because I have removed doubt from my existence that good health and Pineal Gland function are directly connected. If not, I make better health choices by it being possible... eliminating Flouride consumption is just one small aspect.

I see the Pineal Gland to be what re-writes our DNA/RNA coding in relation to our environment and what specific adaptation coding offspring may most likely receive upon conception. If me eliminating Fouride from my diet helps the Pineal Gland for my offspring work better then it does for me, then I am all for it.

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 10:44 AM
a reply to: blend57

Someone on this site had posted the "Walter" story about a week or 2 ago, just can't seem to find the thread.

But yes, I've heard of quite a few external methods for stimulating the pineal gland. Magnetic energy being one of them.

Personally I work at opening my 3rd eye during meditation quite often. IMO, solely using an external source isn't conducive to nature's design. In other words, it's possible to use electromagnetism in conjunction with internal methods to stimulate the gland, but the effects simply won't be the same because it's not directed by your consciousness.

Hopefully that makes sense, I haven't had my coffee yet haha. If you stumble on more sources regarding rTMS though, please share!

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 10:59 AM
I'm curious to know more.

I wonder if the association of magnets ... with the paranormal ... is simply because a magnet is a tangible artifact having an unseen effect on its surroundings. Has Science said its piece on the subject?

... I'm having a lazy day and I'm not gonna go looking for this stuff on my own.


posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 11:06 AM
a reply to: AgarthaSeed

In other words, it's possible to use electromagnetism in conjunction with internal methods to stimulate the gland, but the effects simply won't be the same because it's not directed by your consciousness.

I agree with that. I would even predict that the amptitude of what magnets are used to allow Pineal Gland synthetic alteration would be the amptitude of which creates a small barrier against the environment, allowing for the Pineal Gland to have a small space of natural resonance.

It's tough to offset the synthetic diets we have too. Any synthetic treatments will likely have other side affects, just like prescription meds do. It might fix one thing, but it's scary to think of what may become imbalanced elsewhere. Not to mention, these concepts can steer one's internal paths in directions one may not wish to be.

No thank you... I will stick to meditation.

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 11:26 AM

originally posted by: iTruthSeeker
I have read in various books on astral projecting, etc, to turn off all electronics near you as the EM field messes with the "ability". But If that is true, I would think it could possibly be used both ways maybe, depending on strength of the field, etc? Neat stuff either way.

Em fields oscillate, produce wave forms and are therefore dynamic. A magnetic field is static,

Cheers - Dave

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 11:29 AM
a reply to: Snarl

I see paranormal activity as a frequency wall. Human energy peaks at a certain frequency... the time spectrum Earth's gravitational field (I will say gravity for debate sake here, but gravity is nothing more than a disorganized magnet) operates in does not allow for the processing capabilities of frequencies beyond human limits.

Maybe the man made magnets are only temporarily creating a frequency void, allowing reception of new light spectrum's energy to be received by our energy?

I am quite sure science will always be stuck on these equations, as the abilities to identify the frequencies surrounding 3rd dimensional time dwellers will always be unknown. If it's not possible to experience in a physical state, yet it clearly does in the spirit realm... science will always strive to debunk the unknown. Hence, religions of a multitude array.

I trust my dreams and meditation more than science... because anything is possible and it happens naturally.

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 11:30 AM
a reply to: ttobban

Really interesting stuff. I've never heard of these inner ear muscles before or of the ability to create that rumbling noise. The amazing thing is that immediately upon reading your post I was able to do this, with eyes open and reading your post on my laptop. What is your regimen with this "exercise?" How often do you do it and for what periods of time? Do you do reps? Etc..

When I meditate I often hear a fairly loud static like hiss. I've thought this maybe because of all of the concerts I attended in earlier days. However, I don't suffer from tinitus (spelling?) at other times. Are you familiar with this sound?

Lastly, do you use Flouride toothpaste?


posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 11:35 AM
a reply to: bobs_uruncle

Correct, but the frequencies can be generated by rotating magnets... switching the poles back and forth.

I have lately been thinking the best synthetic way to achieve matching the frequencies, would be to rotate a larger number of magnets in sequence... creating a tension on the pole shifts in a particular angle and in a set numerical value can create a pull of vacuum persay, for the next oscillating pole rotating through the field.

This theory most resembles the heart beat. The muscles must fire in harmony to be most efficient... fire the muscles out of order, and disease can easily set in.

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 11:40 AM
There's a couple of replies relating to the need for internal opening of the pineal as opposed to external and therefore artificial means. I would have to agree with this and would hazard that there are dangers to purely external components. It's just like with hallucinogenics. If one isn't properly prepared emotionally and spiritually for the experience and can be quite counterproductive.

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 11:43 AM
a reply to: AgarthaSeed

I added the two previous threads that came up when I did a search. Thank you for letting me know. If you happen to come up with the one you are speaking of..I would be more than happy to add it as well, if I still have time to do so.

I think, and let me say, I haven't gotten in to a lot of reading on this subject, so please, let me know if I'm way off base. I think that in the studies they are referring to manipulating the production of the melatonin in order to diminish the effects of depression/anxiety and other forms of emotional diagnosed conditions. They are using pulses of electromagnetic energy to induce the pineal gland into increasing or decreasing the supply. The very basic understanding I have of the few articles I've read so far.

In the spiritual aspect, I would think that it is more of you manipulating your own supply of melatonin to induce a meditative state. A more natural way to do so..learning to control and regulate your own system. There was one study that showed dimethyltryptamine, under some circumstances, could be produced in the pineal gland.

Rick Strassman, an author and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, has theorised that the human pineal gland is capable of producing the hallucinogen N,N-dimethyltryptamine ('___') under certain circumstances.[58] In 2013 he and other researchers first reported '___' in the pineal gland microdialysate of rodents.[59]

Now, I am not saying that there isn't a spiritual aspect to this. For me, without going into much detail, there definitely is a spiritual journey to be had. I just wonder how the magnetic pulses can effect the gland so much, and what that says for our own personal electromagnetic field. Which, my understanding is that all matter has some sort of electromagnetic energy within it.

a reply to: ttobban

I've heard of the raid/honey experiment before...maybe from ATS, lol. And the de-calcification, as well as fluoride possibly being a cause of it (I think I read that somewhere). Some of this has been put in the basket of "myth", but I am not so sure that it should be labeled as such just yet.

The ear thing..that's new to me. I will look it up and thank you for the information.

Anyhow, enough rambling from me. I was really interested in other peoples thoughts and appreciate everyone taking the time to give them.


posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 11:44 AM
Through an action in the head, kind of like clenching abdominal muscles, the flexing of these muscles creates a vibrating tension... and results in what feels and sounds like a low rumbling earthquake within the middle of the head (Pineal Gland) areaa reply to: ttobban

I use this to induce sleep paralysis and it works
Like a roaring sound but low volume 👍
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posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 11:49 AM
a reply to: TobyFlenderson

I know I am not the only one that has control of these muscles... just not sure too many others are including it in meditation.

My routine... I honestly will try to include it when I reflect on things. Almost like how deep breaths are used pre-meditation, I use it as an intro to reflection. It might sound weird, but me doing that signifies to me that I am opening a clear channel to have higher energies around me to channel through. When meditation time comes, I attempt to hold the muscles flexing for as long as possible while I am holding my deep breaths in. As meditation relaxation sets in, the muscles are at rest.

I don't know of the sounds around me when I am deeply meditating. Not sure if it's just me, but my meditation is light based and I am in such a visual state of mind that other senses are not used. I can't speak of a noise that enters my meditation, sorry.

Only Flouride I can think that I ingest is through bathing... which is not good for me, I know. One day, I will keep a salt water hot tub to offset that. No Flouride in food though for me.

I am really into this stuff. I recently started consuming Egyptian Milk for purposes of meditation on top of Flouride removal.

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 11:50 AM
a reply to: blend57
That doesnt even make sense... since the pineal gland is deep within the centre of the brain, how can a magnet be put "over" it? Even a rare earth magnet shouldnt penetrate that far down. TMS itself is used on areas directly beneath the coil, not deep within the brain. In our own experiments with magnets (non-electric) there were no positive results.

Theoretically if you were to have a TMS stimulation powerful enough to reach that far down it would also effect every other part on its way down.

I doubt that story wholeheartedly. But that's not to say there's nothing to it. Just different areas, and electromagnetic rather than magnetic. Check out the work of Canadian psychologist Michael Persinger who demonstrated that paranormal experiences (touch, visuals, sounds) could be manufactured by his God Helmet.

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 11:53 AM
I'm gonna get my wife to make me a magnet hat.

Gonna shame all you folks wearing those tinfoil thingies.

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 12:03 PM

Thank you..There is a lot of interesting stuff to read through in that link. Thanks for sharing it with me. Looks like I could spend quite a bit of time going through it all.

A good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 12:08 PM
a reply to: blend57

There was one study that showed dimethyltryptamine, under some circumstances, could be produced in the pineal gland.

It is produced in the Pineal Gland. One more amazing tidbit of info relating to that. The Pineal Gland secretes full D-M-T production at least twice, maybe more... when we are in full R.E.M. sleep, and just before we pass away. I may include birth may be a time of full D-M-T production as well, but unknown to science. Either way, the relation is astonishing.

As far as Flouride goes... just look at the contradictions on their labeling. Why does it say it's tolerable in ultra low doses in tap water. Yet the back of tooth paste tubes say to contact poison control if a child consumes a pea sized servicing on tooth paste. And, the commercials clearly show people putting as much on the brush as possible... suggesting a tea spoon is safe. Just pure craziness to me... I am glad to have pearly yellows to show all if I can have a bit more sanity to keep for myself ling term.

The energy that the Pineal Gland creates is essentially the magnetic glue that holds your paired chromosomes together within it's DNA/RNA structuring. Our environment causes the interactions between poles to oscillate, often times recoding the binding to relate to the new environment. If this environment is synthetically altered, then mother nature is no longer steering the glue bond that is your DNA structure. Altering mother nature in these ways is, my opinion, creating emotional robots that feel whatever chosen frequency is thrown their way. These efforts are just another Flouride option essentially.

If one can no longer attach themselves and channel higher frequencies, then knowledge outside the borders of science will never occur. This body I am in will expire... I do not feel the same goes for my energy and it's attachment to source... therefore, I will never allow for magnetic manipulation willingly.

I could easily take D-M-T every day too to create synthetic experiences, but it's like taking steroids to build muscle mass... it's all show, and no go.
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posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 12:12 PM
a reply to: blend57
No problem. And if by sunday afternoon you mean a century, then I agree, don't underestimate those six hundred studies. I corresponded with the man once and hes protective of his stuff - dont blame him as its controversial.

Another thing you should try to find - I think it was called "There's Something in the Basement" or similar, it was a document about a security guard who figured out that all the paranormal experiences in his building were due to some machine that vibrated at a certain frequency to the human eye. People saw greyish blobs and blurs until he found the source. Really interesting.

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 12:15 PM
I ran across this the other day. Scientists were able to completely stop a photon inside of a crystal for a minute. This is mind blowing to me.

The pineal gland contains calcite micro crystals. I have been looking into bio photons recently and if there is any possibility of light transferring info or working with our consciousness in any way. It got me thinking, what happens if a photon is frozen inside of the crystals in the pineal gland? Maybe if you fly into any area where magnetic field is just right, this can happen. Perhaps that could explain the missing time phenomenon. Idk, but its fascinating to ponder.

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