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We can perceive thoughts. So we are beyond something which can not be perceived.

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posted on Feb, 21 2017 @ 12:38 PM

originally posted by: crowdedskies

originally posted by: neo96

what are thoughts and how are we able to perceive them?

I view thoughts much like a blank painting canvas.

Everyone starts out the same.Blank.

Through external stimuli information gets added.

As new information is added the canvas changes.

This process never ends.

So in my perception.

In a world devoid of external stimuli would thoughts be our own,

Haven't quite figured out just what my thoughts would be like in that respect.

Which makes me ponder this question.

Is anyone truly an individual.

Nice perspective on thoughts.

I would add that , without the external stimuli, we become truly creative.

Much has been written and discussed about thoughts (where they come from and who owns them , etc) but little is being discussed about the benefit of learning to control thoughts. Thought Control has been a magician's primer for centuries and yet gets pooh poohed on ATS.

How do you control thoughts? To control thoughts you must be able to know that your next thought will be. But you are not. Its impossible to choose between thoughts.
If you choose between thoughts you are already aware of them. You did not choose their presence.

posted on Mar, 2 2017 @ 10:13 AM
a reply to: Synchronicity11

i think we think thought is just computing that we claim is unique none of ur thoughts r original u just connect concepts and variables from ur database ,humans just r emotional and the output has to run thru that system too, computer can create random thigns too but they r not emotional what are feelings? i belive when 2 things combine it is something new like a cup and water = a cup of water and that for every physical thing there is a mental counterpart that represents it phisophically so that i can make up what it means like a tool and what i can use it for , so i suspect infinity in its infinite loop of whatever inevitably clash with the concept of limits and spawn the universe as its playground and its counter part consiousness for limit to explore infinity like chucking a bunch of variables into a function and so stuff keep getting created with each variable evolution.
tldr so then feelings is the mental part of ur body chemical changes, its just there obeying my law lol

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