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The outcome of Colognes last NYE

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posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 04:32 PM
First of all, it is still my opinion that this events were staged, orchestrated by TPTB, so that they could change their "Welcome" policy to the "Fortress Europe" policy. After almost a year later it is even more my opinion, seeing now who profits in which ways of these events.

I wanted to show that the Cologne event this night was hyped, so i searched for a source that counts all events of this kind, at this night. It was in twelve, 12(!) cities around germany this night. But the whole world is talking about Cologne only. The first question is, why did this happen to 12(!) cities that night? Most of them never ever had such problems before. Such a coicidence... And why is only Cologne an issue then, even a worldwide issue?

While i read the source, i read things like this:
"It was the night that changed everything. The night that ended the welcome culture in germany. A night that nobody expected. A night about that Holger Münch, BKA President, said in a documentary: I never thought that something like this could happen here."

We all know that the MSM is the loudspeaker of TPTB. And that they want to remote control us, create opinions that are good for them. So the above quote sounds more like a wish for the future. And the beginning of an excuse for installing more and more 1984ish surveillance technique, later more to this special point.

Let me explain what happened that night. Somehow that night in Cologne and 11 other cities around Germany hordes of mostly long in Germany living or even born Nafris(North Africans) gathered, drunk alcohol, started to shoot fireworks into the crowds, and later started to harrass girls and steal phones and wallets. This started at 18.00 o`clock and they could go on and on without being disturbed by the police.

I am talking about Cologne now. For some reason, in a town with over a million inhabitants, at a NYE, police forces were pulled out that day. So nobody could see coming what might happen if there are just a few cops in the middle of Cologne, around the cathedral and the main station? Instead of ordering reinforcements, what was offered by the police hq, after they mentioned that something is not as it should be. But they refused this offer, even when girl after girl tried to find help at the some few cops around there.

But what did this cops? They pushed girls back into the crowd, they told them: This is Cologne, you know that you don´t have to be here at NYE... This came from a female cop. They did nothing but making everything worse. Instead of taking action against the perpetrators, they took action against the victims. Reported several times by victims to the MSM.

I am born here, and i had my wild years too. But if we had done something like the perpetrators that night, believe me, we all had to spend a night in the drunk tank and were sued like there would be no tomorrow. But the Nafris that night could do whatever they want, under the eyes of the federal and city police. Are this all just coincidences? Or are this maybe acts of players that want to create a particular result?

Why was nobody of that checked perpetrators that night from Cologne? Can it be just a coincidence that they gathered there this night, around 1000 and maybe more people fromm all over Germany? Met coincidentally there? Doesn´t that smell like all that was organized by somebody, for whatever reason?

Look, if you use too less police forces and make some "Ausländers" gather there at NYE, if you later only can present a few blurry surveillance pics(in and around a mainstation and in the middle of the city, there are cameras a lot, i know them), then you later can say, as TPTB: You all saw it, we need more police, more surveillance of open space and less "Ausländers".

Some will ask now: How will you make such a crowd of Nafris gather at a special spot, at a special time? We germans had to learn that even your neighbour might be a V-Mann, an unofficial henchmen of the BfV, the Verfassungsschutz. And it even looks like that every single Nazi in Germany is a V-Mann, every single Nazi (terror)organisation funded by the secret services, through those V-Männer. Just read a bit about the NSU case.

You can use V-Männer and some money, or blackmail some little criminal Nafris to call their friends, their uncles, cousins, brothers and all of their friends from all over Germany, telling them that alcohol and fireworks are for free, and that there are a lot of drunken and horny girls around. It´s very simple.

Then, after that night, the next morning, when i became aware of what happened and followed everything the NYE event concerning, i mentioned that fishy smell of that whole story. How officials and police tried to cover up what happened, from the beginning till now. First they tried to tell the world that nobody knew anything, that nobody mentioned anything that night.

It was even reported that it was a happy and peaceful NYE in the MSM, according to the officials. Now that the whole world seems to know what maybe really happened, they still are hiding something, they keep documents strictly under lock and key. So, what could this be, if it is not used for their agenda???

So, who profits now from the last NYE events in Cologne?

It´s our government, our Mutti Merkel, it`s big brother, it´s a growing police and surveillance state. Mutti and her henchmen could switch from welcome policy to isolation policy without losing their face. Because, as we all know, it was the "Ausländers" own fault, and we only had to react. I don´t say refugees, because it was only a little minority of refugees involved that night, even if the MSM reported for a long time the opposite "reality".

So Germany could start to pay other countries at the european external borders, for the upcoming isolation of germany, done by others. Parts of germany could start to show their real ugly nazi face again in public, and try now to scream louder than Hitler did. This is acceptable again in germany, since that event in 2015. "we" declared AFGHANISTAN(!!!) to a safe country, so we can send refugees from there back, while we have problems to send criminal Nafris back to their countries. While our soldiers fight for "our freesdom" at the Hindukush. A very safe country to send not criminal war refugees back...

Let´s take a look of how Cologne will look this years NYE and you will see what i mean with slowly growing police- and surveillance state. City, police and federal presented their "security concept" for this yeras NYE. The focus is on: Much light, no fireworks, camera surveillance and a massive personnel deployment. The motto is, and i am not joking:
"Celebrating NYE happy and secure in Cologne..."

Cologne citizens won´t go to that spots anymore, not because they are afraid of Nafris, but because of that 1984ish police state scenario! Because of big brother watching you everywhere and collecting data! Because too much rules and "security" destroy fun, freedom and happiness!

This year there are charities and security services plus ten times more of colognes cops than last year. 1500 this year, what means it were 150 cops for the whole city centre last year. In a town with over a million inhabitants, at a NYE. Think about it... Altogether 2400 persons should protect the party people this year(which ones, if huge numbers of cologne citizens avoid this police state spots?). 350 public order office officials, 250 private security service members, 300 federal cops. TBC

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 04:35 PM
They will check even in trains that go to cologne who is in that trains.

Police president Matthies said, in all seriousness:
That all should work without disturbing the people with too much security measures...LOL

How will the police observe the events that night?
They will start this week to install addtitional surveillance cameras(who bets that they will be taken off again, after the NYE events? xD) In other places and hot spots they will use mobile cameras, cops will wear body cams.

They close down the most loved spots for the cologne citizens at NYE, like the bridges over the river rhine. Around the cathedral no fireworks are allowed anymore, entrance to the "celebrations" are forbidden for people that carry fireworks, at a NYE... They will have a bunch of choires sing the whole day and night, when it gets dark a light installation will be presented to the "party people". I will be sure those "party people" will celebrate like never before...

And all that only because the world is looking at cologne this year. I bet if the world hadn´t had any interest in colognes last years NYE happenings, nothing would have changed. Nothing! But the officials even say at every possible occasion: The worldis looking at us, we have to show the world that we can do better. And i idiot thought they would act as if they would try to protect the people. The reputation of the city seems to be more important than real security for the taxpaying citizens. It´s all just a show for the world. Man never learns out...

And for sure it´s a wonderful occasion to install new big brother tools. One newspaper is talking about 200 special cameras, whatever they mean with special. And nobody believes that this surveillance camers will be taken off again, after NYE. It´s a wonderful occasion to make the people believe: The more observation, the more 1984, the more police state, the better for you.

But like me, many people are not feared of Nafris, of Ausländers, of refugees, of muslims. If those do something i don´t like, i can stop them, if necessary with brutal force. But what do we do against a big brother that films, photographs, records everything, checks cell phones and their owners illegally, puts backdoors in our computers and devices, stores everything about us and creats profiles. Which could easily fall into the wrong hands,even wronger than big brothers hands, like in Nazis hands. If that isn´t almost the same...

In short: German taxpaying citizens pay for their own observation, have lost lots of their freedom. They lost! Refugees, Ausländers, muslims, Nafris, blackhaired humans, bearded blackhaired humans, not "bio-german" looking people, they lost!

Big brother, the Nazis, the secret services, the rising police state, the government, the rulers, TPTB won!

If you find grammar and spelling mistakes, you can keep em. And you will find a lot, because i am tired and have to sleep xD

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posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 04:42 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

You claim to have sources, but may I ask where they are? Links are always nice, oh so shiny and precious.
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posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 04:45 PM
I was curious as to how you could orchestrate thousands of sexual assaults in one concentrated area on the same night.

It just seems way too overboard.
& doesn't sound the way criminals would behave unless they wanted some sort of mass surveillance in the future.

The question is, what were these migrants offered for their "services"?

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 04:50 PM

originally posted by: ksiezyc
a reply to: DerBeobachter

You claim to have sources, but may I ask where they are? Links are always nice, oh so shiny and precious.

Good that i looked a last time before sleeping.
I didn´t insert the sources because they all are german. But i can add them tomorrow, it´s night here now and i have to stand up in a few hours.

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 05:05 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Ah ok then. Well you get some sleep. I had thought they were in English, but they can be translated by Google so at the very least. Night.

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