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The Fundamentals of Voting

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posted on Nov, 10 2016 @ 02:19 PM
You can just go ahead and accept that voting and the politics that lead into voting is all just a psychological evaluation on the masses.

For example when it becomes time for elections no one blows more smoke up the next presidents rear end then the american people. The irony in this is that their is elections for politicians who are going to see 12 yr terms. IDK about you but in the workforce system no 8 month temp is going to tell a 10 yr perm how to do anything.

So you can just go ahead and stereotype that technically we are not brighter and farther along if we are putting all our eggs in one basket. Sure you know all about the presidential candidates but that 12 yr guy is going to be telling him where hes going. So all along congress runs the show and the president is a puppet. And if you haven't noticed you have to really really be into politics to even know anything about congressmen your voting on.

Which their again how much does the masses even know about what their flaunting their opinions about?

You can just go ahead and stereotype this thread as a hard pill to swallow the rest of the way.

Most anything that has anything to do with the direction of the united states people and the rest of the world is a very linear scripted road. You actually have to think about the face of your franchise and what goes with it.

In electing Trump you actually have to sit and think what your going to hear from Trumps mouth. I guarantee your not hearing compassion and sympathy from trump for retired military personnel your not hearing anything about the SSI system for retirees and handicapped and if you do it's going to be we need more cuts.

If your into that we can stereotype that you don't care about grandma or uncle Sid that fought in Vietnam.

What I'm saying here is that you can stereotype the president you voted for for what will come out of his campaign as president. I will admit that that's not always the case but for the most part it is. The personality you vote for is the term you get.

Most any of the youth that voted for trump thought about him mascaraing on tv talking about yeah were going to wipe them out. And you can pretty much copy and paste any other war time raw raw ree statements their.

With that being said I got one question. When can American's stereotype the rest of the world for getting tired with this American country still playing young kid on the block looking for a fight with people who don't give 2 #s about whether or not your god is Jesus Christ.

Because subconsciously that's all america is it's a young country compared ot all the other cultures of the world and they just wanna make their name and the only way they think they can do that is show they have a military.

The rest of the world has been their done that. By now anyone talking about making a name for something should be talking about a one world society aimed at space.

So we actually needed JFK which was Hillary Clinton.

You tell me what we are going to hear Trumps voice and face say for the next 4 yrs?

I guarantee it don't sound good unless it's got war and dominating another faction in it.

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