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Post-Election Sportsmanship

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posted on Nov, 9 2016 @ 04:25 AM
We know in the US there will never be good sportsmanship during campaign seasons. We spent a very long one on here displaying some very poor sportsmanship. From both sides. Hindsight being what it is, I'm a little embarrassed at what our foreign members had to put up with.

As I said, we're never going to do anything outside of playing dirty when it's That Time. That's fine, it's part of the political "game" and we know it. I'm not going to rail on it, I participated too.

It's after 5am, November 9th. Trump has won the presidency, and IMO, it was an indisputable fair win. Cool beans, circus season is officially over!
Now that we're entering the morning after, I'd like to not so much implore you (though I am tempted) to return to civility among ourselves, but remind folks that both good winners and good losers practice that already. There's no need to rub any win or loss in anyone's face.
Those who lost can graciously bow their heads in acknowledgement, and those who have won can sympathize a loss with the same. It is mere manners, not a competition. It keeps the bubbling animosity & acrimony in check.

Trumps acceptance speech spoke of mending ourselves and coming back together as a unified country. We probably won't be linking arms & skipping through flowery meadows any time soon, but we can absolutely cease the political dickishness -- ballots were cast, they were counted, now it's time to be adults and handle the results like adults, whether we agree with them or not. We didn't do so well after the last POTUS election, this time seems as good as any to try.
Like many, I didn't agree with enough of Trump's policies to vote for him, and certainly didn't agree with his character enough to. He won, now we move on. No crying about it needed, no gloating jabs needed.

This site has devolved into a veritable feces-fest during our campaign season, we need to reverse the mindset because no good will come of it. Even if there's still a huge split in policy support, which is all but assured, we can treat our posters better from here out. Those who voted for Trump voted to make America great again because you believed in it, so let's start making it great right here. Those who didn't, let's try it anyway. No fecal matter in the posts anymore. Let's try to test-ride out the month as better Americans to each other, shall we?

To all of our American members, regardless of who you voted for

posted on Nov, 9 2016 @ 05:05 AM
Congratulations and good luck I honestly hope this works out for America.

posted on Nov, 9 2016 @ 06:14 AM
ATS should be a lot more civil just for the simple fact there are quite a few who just got 'fired', and have no more reason to post.

Not to single anyone out, I've noticed the unusual influx from both sides as the months drew closer to election day.


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