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Thinking Positive...

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posted on Nov, 9 2016 @ 02:57 AM
Alright... Im Canadian, and obviously this election will effect our country as well as the states

its DONE with... So ATS doesn't need any more Trump/Clinton threads... +1

Accept it...

We will all see what the future holds for your country as well as mine, as every U.S election does...

It was entertaining... basically a reality show... admittedly i was hanging on the entire time, fully enthralled in this mighty circus American Politics as become... and i hate reality shows... +1

At this point the entire world is looking towards tomorrow... +1 (maybe...)

Your new president isn't a politician... might be a first... +10?

I called this from the beginning... Personal +1

I think everyone that has been following throughout the world, suddenly has a new feeling, good or bad... its an awareness... weird but its happening right now... +1

I hope this is a good thing... and i know everyone else does too... +1

Pretty sure half of our country, and yours has been drinking tonight...



Lets see what happens when we wake up tomorrow... Hangover for Clinton supporters? +1?

Now that its here we know the world isn't going to end suddenly... Russia isn't shooting their bombs

We can get on with all of our lives and just watch... as usual... +1.5

Honestly... im hearing a lot of support on every side for the new leader of the USA

Maybe democracy works a little bit... +1


I've heard that "God" actually picks our leaders...

So lets just see what this "god" has in store for us


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