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After the Election. Carry on the Great Work

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posted on Nov, 8 2016 @ 11:15 AM
Overturning the NWO completely: The NWO is the continued oil and gas, money and financial oligarchy that rules the world and refuses to allow human development because of their greed and control over the masses and production and resources, mental and physical.

Alien disclosure: The UFO/Alien phenomenon is undoubtedly an important element in our development that the powers that be are hiding from us through sinister means

Discovery of our true nature: Spiritual resurrection through apocalyptic experiences (the revealing)… The human race must replace all the negative inclinations with the divine hidden natures and worlds that our soul, brain and mind have lost access to and that has been replaced by the predatory natures we have exhibited since the great lost. This is related to basically positive content in our consciousness versus negative content that programs suffering whereas positive content programs happiness, contentment and beyond.

Elimination of extreme suffering and the end of war:
The fact of the matter is that human beings will not end wars and suffering until their spiritual nature is resurrected and restored to its original balanced beauty, strength and goodness. That’s why even though we have to always try to eliminate evil and suffering we likely will always be deficient in that quest because the real work is the individual and collective soul of humankind that has to be repaired and healed.

Lets let this very toxic election be a watershed and an opportunity for renewal and the bases for carrying on the Great Work of the revival of the divine and human spirit

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