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The art of bulls***

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posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 02:01 PM
I tend to stay away from politics, because I believe it to be increasingly toxic and divisive and just a facade for the people to have someone to point fingers at.
Having said that, I watched this and had to share. It focuses on Trump, but it's not my intention to make this thread about him alone.
In my view the whole issue is not just about him, I can see that way of doing politics increasing around the world. Maybe not in the same vein as Trump, but in that superficiality and complete disregard of the real problems.
The why this is happening, and the dumbing down of politics, I believe we are all responsible for this, and we have let ourselves being dragged to this point.


I think this somehow also relates, Idiocracy, that's a movie that's becoming less funny, and more worrying.


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