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I think I know why so many zombie dreams!

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posted on Oct, 9 2016 @ 07:46 PM
Hi all.

Yes, I think I now know why many people dream of seeing zombies wandering around, in a end time scene of desolation!

I realized that if one dreams of a future scene, one of course sees the scene. Then the memory of what is seen, is brought back to the waking mind, upon awakening. Many future scenes are so extra ordinary that the mind fills in the blanks and assigns a meaning for what is seen.

The zombies!
Just look at all of the disaster movies you all have seen. Note that after the quake, or the Bomb, the streets might be seen to be filled with people in shock! They wander around zombie like! Well, that is what might be seen, in a zombie dream! The walking wounded with bloody arms, one thus translate this to a zombie seeking and drinking blood, blood drooling down his chin! The blood is drooling down his chin all right, but from a wound.

Then the walking people are sometimes in shock. Their world is instantly gone and everyone they know and love is dead but them! They might just stagger about with glazed eyes, for hours....days....!
Zombie like!


posted on Oct, 10 2016 @ 05:16 AM
Although not exactly on subject, I was sort of thinking that when I saw an interview with a hurricane victim on the news yesterday. He was being interviewed in his house while he tried to salvage what he could in a couple of feet of water. He said his mind was reeling and thoughts were racing through his head, he couldn't quite get a grip on the situation.

Disasters like this one are a good lesson on what to expect in a SHTF scenario. In this case it portrayed a person in shock over the situation as they surveyed their shatter life. If that person was even somewhat prepared for a disaster, even if it was only being mentally prepared with a game plan, he might have handled it better. If he had at least put his most valued possessions in rubber maid bins up in the attic, he would have been better able to handle the aftermath.

Being prepared for an emergency is mostly a mental thing. Even the most basic preps would have been comforting given that everyone was warned what was coming. Flooding was the least that guy could have expected.

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