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posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 07:23 PM
Many think i am unfair and judge people unfairly, i always and have always judge anyone based on the actions alone and not their fate, ideals or ideologies. I believe anyone can make a contributing choice based on humane cultural values, placing dignity and respect with the actions that follows..
But sometimes words or no words alone can do more damage, people treated unfairly based on appearance..
Me, i also judge a book by its cover, its the first five seconds of impression, but i learned to listen instead of placing a stereotype of xenophobic cultural view on my stereotypes..

But i have a cursed blood in my veins, a genetic marker that places me with the gypsies or the Roma if you want to say it like that. I am something in between a wild animal and a human, but something gypsies are raised with is;" Always be proud, treat another with the same respect he treats you with, but foremost always show dignity".

Seeing someone being treated bad, because his looks wasnt appealing. I saw him hurt, his eyes told a story he knew his whole life. " You are ugly, you are fat, you are .... " So i took the man who treated him badly and said;" Do you think its right? " and the reply was;" I dont give a f*** what you think "

My blood boiled, the gypsy just wanted an excuse to fight so i said;" I would ............ " The words are probably self explaining, the man looked shocked.. Not because of my words, but because he saw my eyes turning from human to a monster. He saw every bit of humanity leaving my body.
Another person called us, i smiled, and the eyes were back to normal.

The man who showed no respect, treated the unappealing man with dignity..

posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 08:49 PM
Thank you for sharing tikbalang, beautifully stated.

There is literally nothing I can add; and I am not easily lost for words. : )

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