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Where the wild animals are

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posted on Sep, 23 2016 @ 09:41 AM
Its strange seeing everything with clarity, but at the same time when you reached this far, you begin to understand. The truth you wanted to tell, becomes a burden you wont share, cause the truth wont make anything better.
You become more tolerant, less frustrated and i believe my frustration was the motivation..

You start to understand the journey is not for all, but those who take it... I wanted to tell a lesson to those who still want to take the road, if you can feel, you will not make it.. The tears inside could flood the world, the screams could shatter the universe, but you sit quietly hoping someone else will make it through.

Its a journey that takes a lifetime, and it cant be achieved in a place of magical stories.. So if you truly want to make the journey, take your first step out the door, and wander of into nature where the wild animals are. Cause only they know they truth which we surely lack.

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